Clearly, "Social Justice" has become the new State Religion

... it even has all of the ingredients:

1) Irrational adherence to an impossible standard 

(rectifying "historical-injustice")

2) The presence of a scapegoat 

(The White Male)

3) Elevation of certain (((
chosen))) people, over all others 

(The "Oppression heirarchy" of Females, 

non-whites and Homosexuals - or any combination therein)

4) Blasphemy laws 

("Hate-speech" statutes, and the punishments that comes with them)

5) Original Sin 

("White-Privilege" Mythology)

6) Self-hatred and loathing, in the face of such an impossibly high standard 

(Liberal white-guilt)

7) A Priestly class 

(Feminists, homosexuals, and transgendered-eunuchs)

8) Cult-like insistence upon Conformity

(At the risk of social ostracism, means of livelihood, and even personal safety)

and finally:

9) Justifications for and acts of Violence, in order to enforce the paradigm 

(Antifa, Islam, and "Black Lives Matter.")


"Separation of Church and State," huh?  You want "religion out of the schools," you say?  Well How 'bout we just start here - with this religion - and curtail this culturally poisonous Marxist propaganda, once and for all.

(Before all of our children decide that it's a good idea to get their dicks cutoff)

New Canadian Laws Ontario Enables Gov’t to Seize Children from Parents Opposing Gender Transition

Mission Statement

  We live in a world of people.  People who have group-identity.  Everybody recognizes this, even when they pretend not to.  And we can either embrace our group-identity, or resent it; there is nothing inbetween.

I understand your hesitation; we are a fiercely-independent, almost religiously-individualistic people.  We eschew collectivism.  We are loyal to the point of fanaticism, brilliant to the point of obsession, and ultimately charitable to the point of insanity.

And that is part of the Problem.

 They make fun of us for wanting to preserve the environment; for concerning ourselves with whether or not the coffee-beans in our Soy Lattes are “organic,” and locally-sourced.  These are called first world problems for a reason: we invented them.

  We invented them because we ran-out of other things to do!  And if this condition preceded the age of conquest (and subsequent-Colonialism), then there's no possible way that it could have come at the expense of anybody else; even though the cultural-Marxists are constantly insisting that it must.

 Not only that, but such trivial concerns are the mark of any successful civilization.  In-fact, we got so good at perfecting the art of survival (and thus, its subsequent abundance) that we decided to spread it all around the world!  And that's where all the trouble started...

  See, most White people have been brow-beaten, shamed, and even physically coerced into playing this game of pretending like group-identity doesn't matter; because, unlike literally every other race on the planet, we were the first (and possibly, only) to undergo a little something called the Enlightenment period.

This was the age of reason - the dawn of egalitarian individualism (although Antifa would have you believe its glory can be reduced-down to nothing more than an age of banal imperialism and conquest...)  The birth of Protestantism, and yet also the harbinger of innovations in both culture and technology that would steer the course of the world in an entirely new direction from anything previously seen by Humanity, at-large.  In fact, this period is still guiding the development of Human Civilization across the globe, and it is our contention that these egalitarian principles have been gradually hijacked since their inception, and are now being systematically used against the very people whose ancestors created them: us...

For-instance - have you ever noticed how at the same time as whites are being gradually and increasingly told to abandon our in-group identity, everybody else is simultaneously being encouraged to embrace theirs – and, often enough, to do so in direct-opposition to ours?

  This, even as we are simultaneously being harried and harangued into thinking that our group doesn't even exist!  Well, it's pretty hard to defend something that isn't there, isn't it?  And that's exactly the position our civilizational-opponents want us to be in. 

  Much of this stems from the new mythology of the twentieth-century.  A mythology that was used to supplant what existed before, which was an abiding belief in our own divinity and purpose (as well as a recognition of our inherent flaws). 

  Christianity, for-instance, previously acted as a sublimation for our in-group preference, for it represented a set of ideas rather than abject racial coherence.

  However, intellectuals such as those managing this website spent a great deal of time slaying that dragon, realizing that the inherent irrationality of faith was both tyrannical and illiberal in its application.  

What we did not count on was the persistence of the mind of the masses in requiring a religious-order to cling to at all times, and what rushed-in to fill the void is the enormously perverted “Social-Justice” dogma of the left. 

  Under this new dogmatic system the Government is God, protector of all equality; Feminists are the new high-priest(esse)s, demanding ever-further concessions and 'tributes' from their disobedient flock; trans-sexuals and gays are the 'celibate' nuns, who sacrifice their fertility to martyr the cause; and, most strikingly, being born a White Male is (arguably) the latest-incarnation of Original Sin. 

  By the way… notice how religions always start by attacking our Sexuality?  Yeah – that's no coincidence. 

  Sexuality is the basis of life – it is a tangible representation of our continuation as a people.  As religions of the past have claimed these essential biological-functions as their mechanism for control, the new “egalitarian” movement has seized them as a basis for persecution and extermination. 

  It's not an accident that white males everywhere are cutting their own dicks off.  Do you see this programme of extermination being directed at any non-white cultures, by any chance?  The Japanese, for instance (not that they need any help in perversions of sexuality); the Middle-Easterners?  The Chinese?  Various African tribes? 

  No, you do not.  And this, too, is by-design also. 

  What's different about the Dogma of Social Justice, however, is that instead of redemption providing the light at the end of this dark and dreary tunnel we call the 'scope' of our mythological-experience, the only way to atone for the “sins of the [founding] father” nowadays is to literally celebrate the advent of one's own destruction.  Enter White-Genocide. 

  What we need to understand is that a certain percentage of the population is always going to not only be capable of accepting two contradictory beliefs at the same time, but as we've been seeing recently, insisting upon them as well. 

  Take the “minimum wage debate,” for instance.  At the same time as leftists claim that raising the minimum wage will somehow address the issue of poverty and “fairness,” what they're not telling you (probably because they're too stupid to even realize this) is that implementing an increase in the minimum wage, in the presence of a pre-existing progressive income-tax, not only negates any nominal-increases to the gross-income of a worker, but only succeeds in enriching the government!

  How can raising the minimum wage make any tangible difference, when the more you earn, the more you're charged for taxes?  It doesn't make any sense.  And where are these taxes of ours going-toward, anyway?  The same foreign, no-win wars that the left pretends to vitriolically oppose.  Consistency, anyone?..

  So, in-short, we are resisting this idea that racism is only bad when white people are doing it.  That colonialism is only bad when white people are doing it.  That group-identity and in-group preference are only bad when white people are doing it.  That the moment we recognize that we have the right to exist too, that necessarily replicas of Auschwitz are going to start popping-up everywhere overnight, as a result.  And MOST OF ALL: that we owe anybody anything, merely by virtue of existing as white people, and especially when those demands are placed-upon us from the moment of our birth – like some weird evolution of Social-Contract.

  If that is to be our new Social-Contract – to service every other race, at the expense of ourselves – then we're opting-out.


Fine, don't believe US about the Muslim Rape-Epidemic..

Take it from a Jewish Newspaper, then!

(Swedish feminists finally got their wish - now one in four of them actually are experiencing Sexual-Assault!  Only problem is, it's predominantly happening at the hands of 'people of color' - so Naturally, nobody's talking about it...)

Yay, feminism.

Reach-out, and Touch Me

Let us know your inner-thoughts...

We are working to create a Community free of Censorship and Thought-crime in which to openly Dissent

For too-long, our people have been coerced into bowing before a systematic extermination of our own values, principles and heritage - all in the name of ABSOLUTE-subjugation to every single Alien influence designed to undermine the very freedoms which would give them the power to do so: otherwise, known as "TOLERANCE."

Enough is enough! It's time to stand-up for what WE believe-in, for a change: OURSELVES.


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New "Limited-State" Video Archive

Due to JewTube's new censorship guidelines - directed by groups such as the ADL - we are proud to announce a new page, dedicated to the cataloguing and archiving of videos deemed "inappropriate or offensive to some audiences."

Let the Streisand Effect, BEGIN!

The Evidence is Mounting

Apparently, we weren't just "paranoid" to suspect that the infringements upon freedom of speech that Whites have been experiencing, have their basis within a Globalized Endeavor:





Here's what ITALY gets for embracing multi-culturalism

Roma should have learned its lesson the first time they "tolerated" Moors passing through their gates...

Where is Mussolini, when you need him?

Here's how far they're willing to go, to cover-up the Truth.

If you thought our soft media-censorship was bad, just look at what's going-on in Germany.

THEIR problems can't be so naively summed-up as merely resulting from some "economically-neglected communities."  No - far from it.

Their existential crime-wave is entirely self-inflicted, ongoing, and purely the result of a "feminist foreign-policy," similar to what the Scandinavians are suffering under in places like Sweden.

And they'll lock you up, simply for trying to talk about it:

Would you rather live in a White country, or a Non-white country?

If you answered "a White country," then chances are you're a White-Nationalist; not a civic-nationalist, which is based-upon the proposition that everybody can achieve the heights of progress, sophistication and cultural-success of white countries.. Because if everybody was capable of this, they probably would have done so, already - and then we'd be the ones beating-down their doors, for an open-immigration policy.


So, that leaves us with a "problem" similar to the ones our forefathers faced.  Up until 1965, White-immigration into these United States was the norm.  In case you haven't noticed, everything has pretty-much gone to shit, since L.B.J. thought it would be a good idea to sell-out the birthright of his constituency.

Tell me - how has black crime fared, since the end of segregation?  Were there widespread ghettos, when that horrible symbol of black oppression - the segregated Toilet - was in-effect?

Were muslims trying their damndest to destroy our civilization, by flying planes into it and trying to implement Shariah Law - ostensibly, in order to get away with raping our women with impunity, like they're doing in more "progressive" countries like Sweden, Germany and France? (more about that, on "The iSlamic-Invasion" Page...)

I don't know; I really don't.  The JewTube has been telling me that iSlam is a religion of peace!  That's why (roughly) 20% of its adherents believe that "violence is an acceptable way to effect political change," or (even moreso, actually) to "punish those who give offense to islam..."

Since when was "immigration" about allowing ourselves to become OCCUPIED by the adherents of foreign, dangerous and incompatible-ideologies?

Please See Below.

"Immigration" = Occupation

  Let a female explain; and then maybe your anti-white prejudice will be stilled by her Beauty:


Ask your Children.

About You:

Hi!  Are you tired of being accused of "privilege," when the first time you've ever even heard of the concept was probably from somebody who was just trying to make you feel guilty for being White?

In case you were wondering, there is a strategy behind this: see, after years of race-baiting, reparations-prepping and civilization-exploiting, nonwhites have figured-out that merely by leveling accusations of racism at you, they can then extract resources from your wallet.  It's that simple!  "White-guilt" is nothing more than a psychological-tactic designed to redistribute resources from you, to them; and for what?  For being BORN?  ... not anymore, Hombre.

We're tired of apologizing for who we are, what we are, and (yes) how we were born.  The obstacles currently confronting the conception, rearing and procreation of a White child are formidable enough, as it is; and make no mistake about it: this is by design:

Abortion; Ethnomasochism; Gender-dysphoria (gone inexplicably-mainstream); Emasculation; Miscegenation; PUBERTY-BLOCKERS! (Don't even get me started...); Displacement/Forced-integration (precipitating gang-violence, nonwhite Hate-crimes, European Migrant-Crises, etc.); Feminism (hijacked by Marxists, in order to pit White Women against their men - and not to mention, their crucial role as the mothers of said Children... Hmm)

The powers that be know that once we're out of the picture, they'll be free to exploit the third-world (and its peripherals) to their fullest possible extent.  It is only by preservation of the White Race - and its Civilization - that Humanity as a whole may still stand to benefit from the Liberalism that we, ultimately, invented!

Without us, there IS no "Democracy."  There is no suffrage, and there certainly isn't individual-autonomy and Universal National-Sovereignty...  In-short, if you want to get rid of White People, you're going to have to kill the institutions which have made us stewards of the unprecedented prosperity which we have enjoyed... and, which is precisely what is happening.  It's called White-Genocide, and not only is it real, but it's not without historical-precedent, either; more on that, as you peruse the pages.

Do with your "civilizations," as you will; it's time for non-Whites, to be prohibited from hijacking our own.  White People deserve a place to call "Home," as much as any other race on this planet.  And if you're so interested in preserving "Diversity," then perhaps you should take a look at what phenotypic-impacts miscegenation really has on those irreplaceable traits, which make us the unique, inimitable, and frankly most-diverse race on Earth.

The Turing-Test:

See if you can tell, whether or not you're supposed to agree with this person:

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Reactionary White-Nationalism:

For those of you who are still on the fence about White-Nationalism, what you may not realize is that soon-enough you're not going to have a choice anymore.

Non-Whites are STILL going to pursue those causes and policies which advance their own ethnic-interests, no matter how much you wave their little "tolerance" flags around; and in-fact, all you're doing is signalling that it's O.K. for this to happen at your expense.

There is no State that better encapsulates this more overtly, than California:

Anti-Trump Political Intimidation:

(Read: "anti white...")

We all know how much the left just loves to talk about "peaceful-demonstration..." but what happens when non-whites are confronted with a political-message that doesn't specifically pander to them??

Just imagine if this level of voter-intimidation and violence had been perpetrated against supporters of Obama... especially considering how much the Jewish-Owned Media fixates upon real or imagined incidences of "right-wing violence."

This is why we must resist; we have no choice, anymore.


You're being lied to...

B.olshevik L.ies M.ovement, BALTIMORE:

Wouldn't it be nice to live in a city where THIS isn't "par for the course?.."

We need to stop lying to ourselves.  White Conservatives do not commit this level of violence.  If they did, we'd know about it - especially given the degree to which the leftist media tries to fixate on "right-wing violence," in order to distract us from, and cover-up, the violence committed by non-whites against their ideological opponents;

which, at this point, is basically anybody who opposes theft through taxation:

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Hey there, Evropa: