1st, University of Connecticut

THEN, U.C. Berkeley: 2016

Anti-white wall:

NOW: "Evergreen-State"

... And you know what the funniest part here is?  That "white" Professor, Bret Weinstein, from whom the "Black Student's Union" is demanding resignation, for protesting Segreation?  He's a Jew; just like George Soros!  How 'bout that... even the New York Times got it right, on this one.  Check it out:

Eventually: ALL OF US

The more the left does this, the more they are actually forcing white-nationalists to organize, communicate openly (since they increasingly have nothing left to lose), and work exclusively with eachother – for fear of public censure.


On that same note – if islam can be re-classified as the political system that it is, instead of the religion that it hides behind, MUSLIMS could be legally discriminated-against, by both public an private entities, in the near-future. (*hint*)




See?  Everybody finally agrees: Integration is RACIST!

Respect these minorities' rights to segregate themselves; because in very short-order, we're about to become one of them, Too!

And when that happens, SEGREGATION will be a highly-desirable scenario for The remaining White Nationalists.  Thanx!