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Tired of hearing about "Racism in Advertising," but only ever seeing it perpetrated against Whites?

Then contact our Anti-White Tipline, by following the "report" button to the right.

Operators are available 16-hours a day to respond, post, and if necessary contact the (((advertising agencies))) responsible for propagating this anti-white vitriol we are subjected to on a daily-basis, largely through television programming.


There is such a long list of these sad, masochistic commercials we were not sure what to begin with at first.  If you remember, it started as a slow trickle in the early 2000's (which I'm sure we all hoped would go away).  Now, since the floodgates of post-modernist ideology have been thrown open by everybody from the corporations down to the re-educations camps (University), this crazy just only seems to be getting worse.  And crazy is exactly how it'll make you feel, when you think you're the only one who's noticing it.


We DARE you to find us a single, solitary commercial where the white male is not setup as the doofus or fall-guy, in comparison to the party playing the character who chooses the "right" product; obviously, the "right" product is the one being advertised for.

There is something of a 'hierarchy' to this, as a matter of fact - and if you pay close enough attention, you just might see it:

  • Commercial with a black male and a black female?  The black female "wins."

  • Situation with a white female and a black male?  The black male "wins."

  • Situation with a white female and a white male?  The white female "wins."

  • Situation with a BLONDE and a BRUNETTE?  The Brunette fucking wins (no I'm serious... have a Look.)

  • And of course, you have the ever-present black male 'ringleader' (and his cavalcade of mixed-race/gendered 'friends') who's inevitably poised to either embarrass his white male counterpart, or look-down upon him in disgust while he is made to embarrass himself; especially when he's in front of a white female onlooker.

(on the bright-side, they haven't quite figured out what to do with Asians yet... more on that to come)

Don't believe us?  Ok, have a look!

Just to get you started

Here's a bucket of 43 separate ads which set the "protagonist" of the commercial against an annoying, churlish, effeminate, incompetent and/or distasteful white "antagonist" in some way or another.

See if you can spot a pattern:

Get a HANDEL on this

Just watch as our sophomoric, overly-eager and buffoonish white male "clown" ruins everybody's sophisticated classical music time with his knavish hammering on that pathetic excuse for an "instrument" (yeah, no subtext intended there...)

And right on cue, we have one of nature's GREAT rarities - a black conductor - on the scene, to guide us in looking-down upon this uncouth gentleman (along with the strategically-placed Asian woman who, in this case, isn't being looked-down upon herself)

Don't get us wrong

We're not discouraging black people from entering classical music;

on the contrary, it would be great for them to get out of the (concrete) jungle music mindset, 

by embracing something of a more European descent.

Problem is, the only thing of European descent they're ever portrayed as being interested in are those women we keep being told by the (((media))) that we're oppressing so badly.

(Whatever happened to "Cultural Appropriation," huh?)

Here is another one, from "DEVOUR" brands

Now streaming on Youtube.

This one exhibits the prototypical black man 'clowning' a white male, with the addendum of being in front of his white woman.

Mark these words: you will never see this happening in a racially-reversed scenario (at least, not on TV...)

Here is their contact page:


Be sure to let them know how hungry it makes you to watch an analogue of yourself being slapped in an effort to desensitize white males to emasculation.

Boycott these assholes:



Look at the way we're being conditioned to react - I mean, what if that fork had still been in his mouth while he got slapped?  It's made of metal - it wasn't plastic.

But the white guy just brushes it off as if it's normal, while the black character proceeds to "correct" his behavior as if he's entitled.

I think we've instilled enough entitlement in the black community, already; and I think we have normalized the  disproportionate black-on-white violence committed against us enough, too.

Black hands slapping white faces seems to be a running theme, here..

Here's another one:

"Dear white people"

You get to watch.

HITLER never worked this hard on Propaganda

But perhaps, Goebbels did.

Either way - pair this with what's going on in South Africa, and we've got a serious problem on our hands.

(Luckily, Generation Zyklon is onto them)


"Take it from a black man" (since you never want to believe us about anything).

He sees it too; he just think the majority of commercials are pushing white men with black women - which just goes to show how deeply-ingrained the concept of "Our Women" is, in male psychology;

and we're not saying that's a bad thing.

(He even says it's "not a COINCIDENCE," lol...)

No, but seriously

Think about it

Have you ever seen the product of a mixed-race couple (we're talking black + white here) that looks anything like the white parent?

Be honest...

Even Heidi Klum, who tried her best to overcome the laws of Mendelian inheritance with black singer/songwriter Seal (Kiss from a rose), has only produced one viable offspring which remotely looks anything like her, out of four (the Mendelian-ratio).

And it certainly isn't this one:

"NOT the mama!"

And in case you think we're just being Paranoid

This isn't accidental

Even The Daily Beast admits:

"When these companies make this type of
advertising decision, it’s a strategic one..

Damn, that girl looks like she's twelve years old!

(and, for the record, she also looks like she's scared out of her mind)

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Corporate America is taking sides - but they need to remember who's taking stock.

We appreciate any background-information on the advertising agencies responsible, as well
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