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Operators are available 16 hours a week to respond to, research into, and if necessary even contact those advertising agencies responsible for propagating such anti-white vitriol as we are subjected to consuming on a regular basis - largely through television advertising campaigns.


There is such a long list of these sad, ethno-masochistic commercials that we are not even able to showcase them all on one page.  It seems that every other commercial you see on T.V. nowadays (sometimes even several in a row) demonstrate an overwhelming preference for the non-whites featured to act as the commercial's "winners," and for any white male characters to be humiliated, emasculated, ostracized and more.

We can't say for certain when this all started, but we do remember some early examples that will be referenced below.  What can be said with some certainty is that the apparent motivation for this phenomenon has changed over the years.

At first, is just seemed like the advertisers might be afraid to cast the non-white actors as "losers" in a given commercial.  Afterall, any criticism of the black community (even when justifiable) is  condemned by their pompous, reactionary advocates in the media; no matter the factual nature of said criticism.

Therefore - if we want to avoid getting sued, even friviolously, it's safer to avoid positing "characters of color" into "compromising conditions."

In other words - black people aren't allowed to be portrayed in any way but as the absolute professional, hero, or selfless servant of his community; just like in real life.

But then it started to get weird.  If you simply compared the television commercials of now to when they first started "pushing the envelope" in the early 2000's, you'll notice a distinct uptick in the portrayal of interracial-marriage (especially black male with white female - and even more than are legitimately present in society at-large), mixed-race families, female lead-characters (who're invariably made to emasculate their male counterparts) and an astonishing number of black scientists, engineers, doctors and others of various white-collar professionals who outnumber their real-life counterparts by a factor of at least 10-to-1 - and perhaps more.

(But never black CRIMINALS - that would be RACIST!!!)

At this point, I started to wonder - are they just trying to make black people feel better about themselves?  You know - like some form of "affirmative-action," except in the form of advertising?

After all, plenty of time is spent decrying the way that African Americans are (supposedly) portrayed in the media.  However, all in all - especially based upon the material presented below - black Americans appear to be doing quite well in that department.  If anything, it's the white male portrayals that get the short end of the stick.  And soon it became clear - there is a consistent pattern to this.  Even a heirarchy:

  • Commercial with a black male and a black female?  The black female "wins."

  • Commercial with a white female and a black male?  The black male "wins."

  • Commercial with a black female and a white female?  The black female "wins."

  • Commercial with a white female and a white male?  The white female "wins."

And of course, the ever-present trope of the white male being made to look like a fool by virtue of either embarrasing himself, or being "clowned" by his non-white counterpart - usually a black male (although this commercial from Kit-Kat shows that it's entirely apropos for him to be emasculated by a female as well).

However, it goes even deeper than that:

Take a situation with two white women in a commercial.  Now, since such a duo would obviously be considered intra-white, you wouldn't really expect there to be any competing preference.  Afterall, whites are constantly told that we aren't diverse enough on our own, and therefore require neverending waves of non-white immigration into our sovereign territories to rectify this massive injustice.  But what if I told you that there is a preference, and it shows-up in a way that is opposite of what you've always been taught?

That's right, everybody - the brunette woman "wins," and the blonde character is the "loser."  Don't believe us?  Have a Look.


There are examples of every single one of these bizarre juxtapositions contained below - as well as many more that you probably haven't thought of.

Even the Asians are getting-in on the act, though it would appear that these corporatist manipulators haven't quite figured-out what to do with them - which is probably a good thing; it shows they don't know which team our Neanderthal cousins are playing for, yet.

More on that to come...

It all started with "Peggy"

Remember Peggy? I certainly do. But you know what I don't remember? EVER talking to an annoying Eastern European call-center representative over the phone. Nope, never happened; not even once.

And yet, we laugh - we laugh as if we know what this is about! Because we do; except, the European is being used as a stand-in for the REAL culprits of this gag. A group we daren't name, because that would be what - racist? True?

LESSON: whites must absorb any and all ridicule intended for other ethnicities.

Let's get a HANDEL on this

And what is this? Oh; just another white buffoon annoying everybody with his knavish display on that pathetic excuse for an "instrument" (subtext).

Then, right on cue, we have the black conductor - one of nature's GREAT rarities - who is forced to stop the entire orchestra just to wait for this juvenile demonstration to conclude.

Note: strategically-placed Asian woman to glare at the man with utter disgust.

LESSON: black characters can never play the fool; therefore, white characters always must.

Don't get us wrong

We're not discouraging black people from entering classical music.

On the contrary, we think it would be great if blacks were encouraged to embrace our culture the same way that we're constantly pressured to embrace theirs.

(and punished for it when we do)

Fact is, they're programmed at a very early age - both at home, and by the media - to not only reject, but eschew everything and anything of European descent; with the possible exception, of course, of its women.

Problem is, once these women are gone - through miscegenation, pressures for abortion, or outright sexual assault and murder as is happening across the E.U. and in South Africa - then so are the rest of us.  And those beautiful traits which make them at once so unique and irresistible are gone forever, too.

(Forget about "cultural-appropriation" - this is genetic-appropriation.  And it's worse.)

"DEVOUR" our brand! (regurgitate our message)

We made a claim in our exposition that white males are routinely embarrassed, emasculated and even abused in ad situations by their non-white counterparts - especially, in front of our women.

This ad, by DEVOUR brands, demonstrates that assertion beautifully.

NOTE: What's interesting about this is that by any other measure, the white character would have otherwise been the "winner" - he's eating the right product, afterall..

LESSON: White males can never win.

(Translation: white males are 'losers.')


Look at the way we're being conditioned to react - I mean, what if that fork had still been in "Dave's" mouth while he got slapped?  It's made of metal - it wasn't plastic.

But the white guy just brushes it off as if it's normal, while the black character proceeds to "correct" his behavior as if he's entitled to.

This is called normalization.  If "normalizing" violent behavior towards women can be damaging to them, then why can't the same be said for white males who're on the receiving-end?

Not to mention the disproportionate black-on-white violence committed against us, too.

White faces getting slapped seems to be a running theme here.  Here's another one:

"Dear white people"

You get to watch.


Take it from a black man! (since you never want to believe us about anything...)

He sees it too; he just thinks the majority of commercials are pushing white men with black women.  Interesting how each of our respective groups are hard-wired to see this propaganda in the context of how it affects us, racially; almost as if our ancestors didn't believe that "diversity is our strength!"

(and we're not saying that's a bad thing)

No, but seriously


Think about it:

Have you ever seen the product of a mixed-race couple (we're talking black + white here) that looks anything like the white parent?

Be honest...

Even Heidi Klum, who tried her best to overcome the laws of Mendelian inheritance with black singer/songwriter Seal (Kiss from a rose), has only produced one viable offspring which remotely looks anything like her -

and it certainly isn't this one:


"NOT the mama!"

As a matter of fact, interracial marriages/relationships are far lower a statistic of the population than these advertising companies would have you believe.

If they're trying to "appeal to the masses," which non-existent masses would those be, exactly?

The fact that interracial-relationships are portrayed on television at an almost 50-1 ratio to how many exist in the real world, shows us that this isn't simply another routine exercise in appealing to existing demographics; because the demographic they're supposedly appealing to doesn't even exist.  Rather, as a result of this incongruity, we're reasonably forced to suspect that they're trying to create one...

To create a mono-demographic that is without soul, without roots - and certainly, without race.  Because without race, we have no natural way of distinguishing ourselves from eachother; of learning about our ancestors.

We can't defend a way of life that doesn't exist, once any memory of it has been wiped-away with our obfuscation of ethnic heritage; and we certainly can't protect a nation that is built upon defending that way of life, once its relationship with the people it was established to protect is wiped-away from our collective memory-base.

Even Google has gotten in on the act - brashly "blackwashing" a pivotal moment of Human achievement, to make it more "ethnically-diverse" - even though the combination of people presented by this doodle does nothing to reflect the reality of who was actually involved in the Juno mission:

Google Doodle Juno Mission Diversity Is A Lie

Notice how the only individual being accurately represented by google's alternative-history "doodle" is the woman with the red hair!  Everybody else is a complete fabrication - including the "nu-male" attempt, second from the left, at hipsterizing the complete set of white male scientists - complete with Mega-Mangina sunglasses, and the obligatory Northwest beard.

They didn't even get the hair color right because, well, blonde.  And if all the white scientists are also portrayed as blondes (which they are), then Hitler might have been right.  That's what all of this comes back to.  Always.

Hell - there weren't even any Asians on this panel, which is kind of surprising...

Anyway, aside from just being irascibly annoying, these attempts to alternate history to suit present political tastes certainly isn't anything new - although it's getting really old, and fast.

It's also dangerous.  George Orwell wrote: "He who controls the past, controls the future; and he who controls the present, controls the past."

We've seen this movie once before...

Stalin's "Disappearing Act"


One by one they fall away, 'till all that's left is Me.

(Perhaps that's what old Karl meant, when he wrote about the "End of History...")

Now they're trying to make a Vanishing Act out of our unique racial differences, too.

Once race has been "abolished," there will be no concern for property rights; since just as the family is an extension of the individual and his preferences, so the Nation is an extension of the race and theirs.

The nation cannot exist without a race to define it, and the race cannot exist without a nation to protect it.

Neither can exist without the other.

Gives a whole new meaning to "No Nations, No Borders."

That's right!  No Nations, and No Borders - except the one that promulgates this message to all the others: 


Israel hypocrisy refugees Syria European Union Jews

(Image links Directly)

Well what do you know?  The one country which has been most enthusiastic in Europe's acceptance of non-white populations has, itself, a closed-door policy on political Islam that the West would do well to imitate.

In the article, Benjamin Netanyahu states: Israel's "lack of demographic and geographic depth" requires controlling its borders against both "illegal migrants and terrorism."

In other words: too many people who hate us, and not enough room to protect us from them.

That's interesting - because for some reason, in that quote Netanyahu himself has just drawn a rather islamophobic link between "illegal migrants" - ostensibly from the Middle East - and "Terrorism" - as if they go hand-in-hand.

This is not the "#NotAll," "#RefugeesWelcome" message we are subjected to day-in and day-out by the mainstream European Union member-states' press, as well as in the U.K.  Especially on the days directly following yet another truck or bomb of peace attack - incidences which have become far too common since European Leaders flung their border-walls open, particularly since the years 2015 and 2016; and under pressure from N.G.O. and Special-Interest groups such as George Soros' Open Society foundation (though the effort had been underway for much longer than that).

Even the U.K. is going all-out!

All out of white phenotypes, that is - if they keep this business up, anyway:

And in case you think we're just being Paranoid

Damn, that girl looks like she's twelve years old!

(and, for the record, she also looks like she's scared out of her mind)

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