"Blood and Soil" - 09/16/2017

So, we have this article by “The Stranger,” entitled “Bellevue College Students Discover Neo-Nazi Posters on Campus, Demand Administrative Action” (image links Directly).  And it's based on the existence of these three fliers, which were found by “christy x” on the cork-boards of a greater Seattle area Washington community college: 

Blood and Soil, Bellevue White-Supremacist flyer, fliers, white nationalism, white nationalists WA

Notice how the article fails to address any of the statements made by these posters (pictographically, or otherwise).  It doesn't challenge the notion of a “muslim free America,” because instinctively the writer probably knows that such an idea, on its face, would be a surprisingly appealing prospect for many, if not most, Americans.  Notice how it doesn't address the reference to a “Jewish Media,” or even Global Finance – nope!  The article simply labels the nature of these posters to be “white-supremacist,” and “anti-semitic.”  Those time-worn syllogisms designed to override the critical abilities of the Human brain, with a flood of guilt and fear-ridden emotional reactance.

 Well, we here at The White-Resistance have learned to overcome such inculcated emotional-reflexes, and clearly see what this smear campaign against Vanguard America is all about – because that's all they have left, to dismiss our messages.  Incessant smear-campaigns.
 … not that we can actually go to visitbloodandsoil.org” - it looks like the ADL has succeeded in getting it shut-down, just like TheDailyStormer (which is back up on TOR by the way, as we speak.. the link is: http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/)

Afterall, according to www.adl.org, “Vanguard America is a white supremacist group that opposes multiculturalism and believes America is meant to be an exclusively white nation.”

Hmm... that's funny!  Because so did our founding-fathers... (see the Naturalization Act of 1790.  It's one of the first pieces of legislation that they ever passed.)

But let's forget that for the moment.  This business about how the ADL is conflating “white supremacy” with mere opposition to multiculturalism.  That's really funny: I wonder how much time these same Jews spend promoting multiculturalism over in – oh, I don't know – the State of Israel, for instance?

Does flagrant Jewish opposition to “multiculturalism” existing within their very own ethnostate of Israel stench of abject-hypocrisy, to anybody else?

But let's just step back for a moment, and analyze the term “Blood and Soil” on its face.

There is an entire article on RadicalCapitalist.org deconstructing (and explaining) the comment Jeff Deist, chief of staff to Congressman Ron Paul and president of the Mises Institute, made during his Corax 2017 Mises University talk regarding how “... blood and soil and God and nation still matter to people.”  Also, that “Libertarians ignore this at the risk of irrelevance” - which we also agree to be thoroughly true.  But I want to focus on one particular aspect.  One distinctly AMERICAN aspect... 

EVERYBODY ELSE SEEMS TO HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF ADHERING TO THIS NATIONALISTIC PREMISE!  Hell – I'm sure the NATIVES believed in "blood and soil!"  And they were clearly (and still continue to be) massive cultural-chauvinists.

Why else would they STILL be pissed-off at "the white man" for "stealing their land?.." (even though, according to noble savage mythology, "private property" and "land ownership" did not even EXIST under their Tribal Utopia...)

Does that Native Americans' opposition to WHITE multiculturalism make them tantamount to Indigenous-Supremacists?  Because they certainly seem, and have always seemed, to believe that their way of life was inherently “superior” to ours – even though they've no problem taking to white inventions, such as iPhones and the electricity that runs them, to voice their eternal displeasure with the proliferation of our People.  WE, the People...

As infuriating as all of these paradoxes, applications of special-treatment and outright logical-fallacies are for us, we must realize that there are, have always been, and will always be a certain segment of the population that has lost their survival-instinct.

We know that this phenomenon has been hastened by the influence of overtly anti-white “educational” indoctrination, media-bias, entertainment slant, information curating, and hell – even those anti-white/anti-male/anti-white male commercials that we've been seeing percolate, over the last decade or so.  But it's just simply not possible to save all of our white brethren. SOME of them are so pathologically-egalitarian, that they're going to be willing to kill themselves just for the idea of equality – and also, to “prove” how not racist they are, by dying – no matter what we say or do.

Those kind of people are only going to want to try and drag you down with them, so at this point (and I normally wouldn't say this), it's simply best not to engage unless you're encouraging them to speed-up their completion of this process.

You can say things like: “if you want the white race to die-out so badly, then why don't you start with yourself?”

Or (for the intractable, insipid and insufferable feminists): “You know what?  YOU'RE RIGHT!  Islam is absolutely a “religion of peace,” and highly characterized by its equality for women.  Nothing would prove your point more, than for you to buy a one-way airplane ticket to Saudi Arabia, and enjoy a place where you're not even allowed to drive a vehicle anymore.  Hey – if nothing else, it will help you cut-down on your carbon footprint anyway, right!”

You know – provocateurism.

Other than that, do try to keep yourselves calm and collected, and realize that this rage being directed at you is simply an outcropping – a projection, if you will – of the rage they have been taught to feel against themselves, simply for their race; at the same time as they're constantly reminded of the “fact” that “race doesn't exist, and is merely a social construct.”  OBVIOUSLY, the capacity to uphold two contradictory frameworks has never been an indication of intellectual-solvency...

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