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Dear Antifa:

The correlation we've long suspected between "Antifa" and ISIS, seems to have a root in reality



Why don't you ever know what you're talking about?

And what are you going to do after you "Smash the Fash?"

1) How will your "People's Republic" handle the challenges of food-production, for-instance?

You know - are you going to open-up a Cannery, in which people who aren't paid work hard, then somehow still find the incentive to make a product which everybody then enjoys?

What are you going to do about food-distribution, in a society where everybody is your dependent, and nobody owns the "means of production" to transport it, store it, ship it, fly it, etc...

Have you even thought that far-ahead?

2) How are you going to overcome the problems of bureaucracy and dictatorship, so often associated?

Getting a group of people to do all of your work for you, requires a level of governance far-beyond what you think you're fighting-against, currently.

How about "banking?"  Even if you were able to somehow compensate for the basic-necessities of life, to say nothing of its leisures, then by what means exactly do you plan to measure the wealth of those who're working for you -

I mean, "for the people..."

3) Have you ever considered the true definition of "Anarchy?"

As expressed-before, I am in no way opposed to the practice of Anarchy, in-principle; for the actual definition of "Anarchy" is simple: "No Ruler."

... which leaves those of us who are productive, (including "the Poor") to lead our own lives and agree-upon societal-norms within our own communities.

In other words: FASCISM.

Here is a former KGB official - lifelong member of the Gold-Standard for Socialist government (USSR) - telling us precisely what would be done with the likes of you after your little "revolution" was complete:

(^ I'd believe him.)

Tell us, "anti fascist action" - since you're not going away - how far is your feminist studies degree going to get you, in producing food?

Producing ANYTHING, for that matter?

You can't even feed yourselves.  What are you going to do, when all the high-skilled White people from your communities pull-out, and you're still dependent upon "nutritional assistance" ~ a.k.a., food stamps?  Who's going to pay the taxes, in order to keep this anarcho-parasitical system of yours afloat?


... Especially in Europe, where all you'll have to show for yourselves are a bunch of perverted, hateful and disgusting "refugees," hell-bent on destroying our way of life?

It looks like they might have succeeded, by then; and you'll be in the grips of a "patriarchy," the likes of which you've never seen, before.

Not, at least, since the last Muslim-Invasion of Europa: 

The Original Invasion:

Here's what happened the first time Muslims invaded Europe.

Here is why we're Winning

... and do you know what the WORST part of your rhetorical vitriol is?

Abuses of the Welfare-State ultimately only endup hurting those amongst us who're genuinely-disabled, such as:

The Blind.

The Lame.

The Crippled.

The Hearing-Impaired.

The Mentally-Disabled.

And all those OTHER "trigger-warnings," that I wouldn't give you in advance - because your feelings will never be as important, as the construction - maintenance - and (ultimately) progress, of Society!!!

SO - Got any Answers?

GREAT! Send them our way.

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~ The White Resistance.

P.S. ~ You want Equality?

Here's what you're going to have to do to "achieve" it: