They're Trying to Get us to Kill Ourselves.


Whether it's muh environment, muh slavery, muh patriarchy, or muh oppression, the goal of leftist-propaganda is always the same: to get us to feel guilty, simply on the basis of our very existence.

      With the environment, it's based upon our "carbon footprint."  For those of you who are paying attention, yes that includes eating and breathing.

When it comes to "muh slavery," the same collective-guilt that organizations like the ADL would have you believe are "anti-semitic" when applied to - I don't know - the historical-influence of Jewish-oligarchy within our global-finance system, are now being applied to us when it comes to slavery.

That's right!  The VERY last group to the arrive at the slavery party - preceded by both the Middle-East and Africa, in this long-celebrated tradition - and the firstgroup to make a concerted effort to abolish it, are apparently to-blame for the entire history of the practice!

Even though our collective-stint as white people represents the SHORTEST duration of participation ever!  If you exclude the Roman Empire, that-is (Sieg-Heil!)


So, according to what we've been hearing from many on the guilt-ridden left, merely not being opposed to your own existence as a white person is enough to make you a "racist...

On the other hand, we are routinely told by these same purveyors of Political-Righteousness, that somehow “race” is simultaneously a social-construct; you can even hear one of the many Jews advocating for our destruction below (6:55), echoing this very sentiment.

We see here an argument which reflects our P.C.-counterpart's view of the world.  It is based upon a true double-standard.  Basically, the argument above is essentially the inverse of how white people have been taught to observe and analyze the activities of non-white people.  For instance, you might notice how often we are brow-beaten everytime somebody from a non-white background achieves something we have already (and usually a long time since at-that).  We are constantly being reminded of the race/ethnicity of non-whites in this context, but only for their achievements: such as “The first Hispanic/African-American FEMALE to...” such and such a first-time achievement.  Or, “the first Asian-American Filipino to...” hold this position or that...

A simplistic example of this phenomenon would be something like noticing that Asians have a propensity to excel in fields like Math, but simultaneously to be discouraged from recognizing when blacks, for instance, seem to excel in areas like crime.  Even with all the statistics and criminal-records at one's disposal, it is still considered uncouth and even verboten for an individual – even black individuals – to recognize and announce these undeniable characteristics.

In recent-years, P.C.-culture has taken an even more extreme stance in arguing against the recognition of non-whites for their achievements based-upon race, dubbing this a form of “positive-racism” in their eyes.  I guess this is a symptom of the same type of thinking which leads one to believe that “colorblindness is a form of racism,” as-well.

Apparently, AntifA is the culmination of what we've termed “white ethno-masochism,” and the essence of what that would look like were it turned-into an activist-movement.  Imagine that – a whole generation of activists who've been so brainwashed by anti-western propaganda, that they're literally marching against themselves through the veil of protesting everything “white;” even though, when it comes to achievements, “whiteness” isn't allowed to exist because it contradicts their very narrative of egalitarianism.  Pathetic.

This is why we've termed this movement “The White-Resistance.”  We are a community of individuals who are not simply going to lay down our lives, our property, or our futures in order to prove how “not racist” we are...

At that point, we will require an Ethno-State - especially when the only redeeming quality to our existence seems to be proportionate to how far we're willing to prostrate ourselves in public, for all the sins of "our" ancestors!

Here at The White-Resistance, we refuse to submit to the cognitive-dissonance necessary to simultaneously accept collective-responsibility for the actions of people who (might have) looked sorta like us - whilst conspicuously applying a #notall hashtag for every ne'er-do-well of another race.  That's patently-inconsistent.

We've seen what happens when P.C.-culture attempts to pander to every non-white interest group under the sun: it always seems to come at the expense of ours, and they only seem to multiply; growing evermore numerous, shrill and demanding everyday!  It's never enough for them.

But it's certainly been enough for us!  And a long time coming, at-that.  We're not simply going to lie-down and take it, anymore; and neither should you.


~ A message from the Editor