To secure employment for our people and a future for the white working-class

If you are an employer who is sympathetic to our views, please register with us.  It's hard enough for many of our members to find gainful employment as it is, without having to worry about being doxxed or fired for their political views - much less any explicitly White+Positive demonstrations we seek to conduct in the future.  Every other racial special-interest group has coordinated employment programs, so why shouldn't we?

If we want our people to have a voice in the political sphere without facing punitive financial repercussions for their activism, then they have to be correspondingly safeguarded from the corporate tyranny which pervades the private sector; and increasingly decides who is allowed to earn a wage depending on their political-views (eerily reminiscent of possessing the "mark of the Beast").

Soon enough, it will be entirely politically-incorrect to hire straight white men altogether - and we will be forced to rely upon eachother anyway.  Why not get started now, while we still enjoy a relative advantage?

As an employer, we will not publish your information on the site nor share it with any external third-parties - we are just looking for a way to direct our members to companies and small businesses in their area who are sympathetic to our views; both as prospective employees, and customers as well.

It's going to take all of us working together, through our various stations in life, to bring the vision of White Economic Sovereignty into reality and to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Let's do what we can right now to make sure our descendants can still wake up to that future.

You Can Help!

Contact us here for more information on how to register with our Network as a White+Positive Employer in your area.


We keep all employer information confidential and will only provide you with the information for candidates in your area subject to their informed consent.

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