Building a Resistance

To the Enemies of Our Existence



Greetings – and welcome to the Resistance.

It would seem nowadays from everything we are told in the media, in films, at universities and even down to television advertisements (examples of which our publication is chock-full of) that the only way with which to regard the history, contributions and unique character of the white race is in a way that is unequivocally derisive – or as we like to phrase it, “white-negative.

Are you white-negative?  Do you decry your own history as one of rank, irredeemable colonialism and brutal conquest of subjective peoples?  Do you place superior value in the “lived-experiences” of those who underwent systemic oppression, and seek to identify with their plight above all else?

Or, are you white-positive; do you accept the natural order as that in which all parties have an equal, if not egalitarian role in playing to the best of their ability – and therefore that they all (equally) play to win?  Do you vociferously reject the proposition that you should feel guilty for your ancestors being “the winners?”  Do you vehemently oppose, at every turn, the mere suggestion that white males should revile, even detest their own existence – even for a cause so just and “beautiful” as universal Human equality?

Well – if by these terms you would describe yourself as “white-positive,” you have come to the right place; and we are here to support you.

We live in a world of people.  People who have group-identity.  Everybody recognizes this, even when they pretend not to (or presume to forbid others for various political reasons); and we can either embrace this group-identity, or resent it.  There is nothing inbetween.

We say “resent” because, even as a “white-negative” personality, you are still accepting your group-identity as a white person – only, you are just doing it in a way that negatively impacts your view not only of yourself, but of those who ultimately brought you into existence.

Now let's examine the proposition: what is to be gained from that?  Will hating yourself, and everything your society stands for (the old “white supremacy” and “systemic oppression” argument) account for what are very real and legitimate historical injustices?  No.  Will it make “minorities” feel any better about themselves? (whites are the true minority race, if we are speaking planet-wide – we only represent about 900,000,000-1,000,000,000 of the over 7,000,000,000 population of the planet – just an fyi)  Probably not, but how could they really know, and what would it really matter?

White guilt,” as it's commonly presented, is a way for white people to confront their past transgressions (see – in this context we are allowed to acknowledge our racial group-identity, but in no other) and in so doing purportedly have the greater chance at preventing these “mistakes” from taking place in the future – and even, offer the possibility of rectifying some of history's suffering.

But it's a lie.  White guilt does nothing but subtract from the individual's natural ability to self-actualize – which we dare say, for white males particularly is quite substantial – and we can tell, even from abundant materialist evidence, that for white people to fail to self-actualize would be a detriment to the world.

Are you a capitalist?  A libertarian perhaps?  Have you ever heard the Hayekian expression that “a rising tide lifts all boats?”  Believe it or not, this concept goes all the way back to ancient China, and has its roots in the phrase “水涨船高”- but that is another conversation entirely.  Regardless, try this little intellectual experiment: replace the concept of free-market transactions which benefit private participants in a way that, extrapolated out to all of society, raises the standard of living through technological advancement and the free-flow of information and ideas, and apply that very metaphor to western civilization; vis-a-vis the advancement of the white race across the globe. 

  Can you argue – even by standards which are routinely used by the left to measure varying rates of “poverty” amongst different strata of the non-white world – that between our presence in the world, and the level of prosperity associated with those parts of the world in which we reside, there bears a striking correlation? 

 Well here at The White Resistance, we move to replace the advent of “correlation” with that of “causation;” because there do not seem to be any examples of our transcendental tendencies in a way that is ever completely independent of the white man's presence upon this Earth. 

 I guess that is why they call it the “libertarian-to-fascist pipeline.” 

 To what other conclusion are you forced to arrive at when you realize that all of the liberal values our enemies have co-opted against us were invented by the very European ancestors against whom they conspire to slander? 

 Or when you take note of the fact – quite accidentally, even – that these qualities such as “universal suffrage” are only celebrated to the extent that they may be used to undermine our civilization? (see illegal alien voting and the migrant-crisis, etc.) 

 It's little wonder that our enemies are so selective in their reproach of western culture – otherwise, they would be forced to excoriate themselves for ever taking part. 

 But “taking part” is not what they seek to accomplish; taking APART would be more apt... 

 So in-short – we propose to counter this push for collective white identity to be exclusively confined to the realms of unrequited guilt and self-hatred - and the invariably self-destructive behavior which results - by instead embracing those aspects of our race, history and culture which are supremely unique to the world, precious in their singularity, and ultimately serve as an inspiration to Humanity - just as we should to eachother.

 This is the nature of the resistance, insofar as what we are resisting against.  It is also the beginning a movement toward becoming white-positive within our communities as opposed to the drab, dreary and ultimately self-destructive drive toward embracing anti-white negativity which our enemies seem so proudly fond of – but more on them, later. 

Are you "white-positive?"

That being said, there is some important philosophical ground we need to cover

... and we feel it is important to get this out of the way forthwith:

 This is a movement of white men, for white men and by white men. Everything about our aims, our priorities, and our mission flows from that starting-point and revolves around restoring white Fascist patriarchy to these western lands our ancestors conquered - and to do so without apology to our enemies or a pleading with the beneficiaries of this enfranchisement, namely our women. The irony, of course, is that this initial conquest would have never taken place without a motivation centered around providing a safe and bountiful homeland for the wives and children which make our lives worth living.  

 Many of us have strayed away from that - we've been forced to. Today's men are punished no matter what we do, but certainly moreso when we're caught doing the right thing; and what "the right thing" means is of course, what's right for us! Not only what's right for us, but what's right for our families and our Nations as well. For whatever increases our own happiness, prosperity and safety - as well as that of those most closely intertwined with our own blood - is the only right and proper yardstick by which we can measure our success; not the happiness and privileging of other people who not only see themselves as different to begin with, but care nothing for our own well-being - and in many cases seek to replace our predominance upon this Earth entirely. This is the nature of biological conflict, and represents the very will to power which drives all natural evolutionary progress.  

  Without the will to power, there is no will to life.  

 We have been taught that our will to power is uniquely evil, though; that we must acquiesce and supplicate and forego anything which may place us in a better position, even as individuals, relative to anybody else. No such reprehensible reproach is ever expressed toward those who "work their way up" the social ladder at our expense, however; they are cheered all along the way, even to the absolute exclusion of our own prosperity.  

  This has to end.  

 There are only two possible conditions of natural existence at any given time: Growth, and Death. Contrary to popular belief which would posit "life and death" as opposites, the true dipolar state of organic reality consists of either life, or stagnation - because stagnation invariably leads to death. 

  This is what our enemy wants.  

 It's the coward's way out for them, and the "easy way out" for us. They are too impotent and feckless to face us as the men they imagine themselves to be, so they must resort to subterfuge and subversion in order to turn the greatness of our deeds against us - which is why you now see Democracy, the universalist's hallmark of Western Civilization, increasingly and inexorably being co-opted as a way to push the white man out.  

 It's also why you are encouraged to engage in every type of degeneracy, self-destructive behavior and lethargy imaginable. Activities and behaviors deemed empowering to your pride and prowess within the community? Demonized, vilified and shunned. Activities and behaviors designed to weaken your competitive edge on those who would seek to replace you in the realm of status, career success and even in the bedroom? Championed, lauded and incessantly promoted. Your success is society's failure, they inveterately signal - and pretty soon you begin to believe that it's true.  
  Well, not anymore.  

 It is the natural instinct of self-preservation which drives every organic being to promote its own health, welfare, and reproductive success - and yes, this WILL require positive discrimination over other beings. We have been taught to believe that it's possible to achieve a natural equilibrium with those who would see us as competitors for resources, but we are slowly beginning to see it is not equality they are after - but absolute supremacy. This is why movements that promote black well-being, Hispanic advancement into education, female "empowerement" through encroachment into our workspaces, and even the imposition of tenets from foreign supremacist ideologies like Islam onto our "secular" way of life are all hailed as "Victories for Humanity;" while the slightest suggestion of white male improvement (of circumstances, not of temperament) is not only met with hostile smirks and jeers but castigated outright as something tantamount to "The Enemy of the People!"  
 Well that's right - we are the enemy of the people, because those people do not represent a future for us - and we have to be OK with recognizing that, and putting ourselves first instead; nobody else is going to do this for us.  

 Our women cannot be counted upon - nor should we be seeking their approval. They are in fact waiting for us to resume our rightful place as the navigators of civilization, if only we can find it within ourselves to assert our identity positively, instead of defensively for a change. Furthermore, due to the nature of hypergamy, a neverending influx of competing male genomes from all across the world have artificially inflated our womens' sense of self-worth and sexual market value to the point that even the most homely and deliberately out-of-shape can delude themselves into believing they are goddesses (especially if "baby got back"). The standards of beauty imported from third-world environments have given our women an excuse to completely give-up on themselves, while simultaneously regarding their status in the mating hierarchy to have automatically shot-up by an incredible margin - because let's face it: white women are the most desirable women in the world. They're so desirable, in fact, that we have an entire generation of young men who are getting surgically-altered just to look like them. I can't imagine the oppression olympics holding such a favorable view of this clearly "privileged" class, as white women are, for much longer - and when they're done putting all their energy into virtue-signalling for a non-white mob that would just as soon lynch them as copulate with them, they're going to come looking for answers; and then we will be the ones holding the keys to safe harbor, with final judgment as to whom we'll admit.  

 At least, that is the plan; but we can't do it without you. You, who needs to recognize that this is not the time to compete for status amongst eachother, but to realize that the ship is lost and we are going to have to settle for TIOT (that island over there). That we must build this new society from the ground-up, in the fashion of our virile ancestors who knew that it was ok to put their own interests first, and in fact that this was the only way to have a guiding societal principle. That much has been lost, irrevocably; and for what is left of it, we can only describe as    the absolute, systematic and relentless subjugation of the white European - starting with us, the men.  

  The only way to organize "the vanguard of the oppressed" into the new ruling class, Lenin said, was to "impose a series of restrictions on the freedom of the oppressors, the exploiters, the capitalists. We must suppress them in order to free humanity [...] their resistance must be crushed by force." 

  And we all know who the "oppressors" and "exploiters" are in this society, don't we fellow "capitalists?"  

  What most people don't know is that the process of undermining our socio-political hegemony as white men has already been complete - hence, the unrestricted condemnation of anything having to do with us capturing the cultural zeitgeist. This would not be the case if we were still "in control" - and obviously, where they seek to replace our influence with theirs, we are not.  

 But there is one thing we still can do - we can still say "no" to them.  

  They still rely upon us for the majority of their welfare payments to keep their occupying forces at-bay, at least for now, and to continue their operation of global finance and wealth-siphoning from the nations of producers (ours), to the nation of parasites (theirs).  

 Why do you think the left is so fond of the term "income-redistribution," hmm? They're going to keep "re-distributing" our income - mostly to themselves - until it is all gone, and we are powerless, broke and surrounded by enemy combatants. Then, they can “extricate” us. This has been the plan all along.  

 But enough about that - you know the blackpills as well as we do. We are not here to beat you over the head with doom and gloom scenarios that we've all laid awake at night thinking about. We are here to organize and assert ourselves before it's too late, because we still have a power that none of our enemies will ever have - WE'RE WHITE MEN; and nothing, short of an internationally-coordinated bullet to all of our heads simultaneously, is going to stop us from reclaiming our political, social and spiritual destiny as the masters of our own domain; and eventually, of the stars.  

 It's time to stop worrying about trying to play "the good guys." The media is going to demonize us no matter what we do. "The Culture War" has been lost - so now, the real war must begin.  

  We are never giving up;  we are never giving in.  And we are NEVER ever saying that "we're sorry," AGAIN!  

 When the world wakes up from this collective delusion of empowerment at our expense, they will see one indefatigable symbol of defiance standing fast: The White Resistance. 

The Face of Polish-Resistance

Polish resistance nationalism eastern european defiance former soviet anti muslim pro christian inri

 Poland, YES!  (Sweden, no.) 


Here is what a "Feminist Foreign-Policy" will get you.

White European women being raped and beaten by muslim-refugees

Fine, don't believe US about the Muslim Rape-Epidemic..

Take it from a Jewish Newspaper, then!


(Swedish feminists finally got their wish - now one in four of them actually are experiencing Sexual-Assault!  Only problem is, it's predominantly happening at the hands of 'people of color' - so Naturally, nobody's talking about it...)

Yay, feminism.


Unless you're white.  Then it's RACIST!





Here's what Italy looks like, embracing multi-culturalism

Roma should have learned its lesson the first time they let the Moors pass through their gates...

(Where is Mussolini, when you need him?)

(And here's what it looks like when it's not)

Uh-oh, guys.  There isn't much diversity here!

All I see when I look out upon this sea of white faces is oppression, privilege and intolerance...

Something must be done.  Let's ask them how they're doing it!

Here's how far they're willing to go, to cover-up the Truth.

If you thought our soft media-censorship was bad, just look at what's going-on in Germany.

THEIR problems can't be so naively summed-up as merely resulting from some "economically-neglected communities."  No - far from it.

Their existential crime-wave is entirely self-inflicted, ongoing, and purely the result of a "feminist foreign-policy," similar to what the Scandinavians are suffering under in places like Sweden.

And they'll lock you up, simply for trying to talk about it:

Clearly, "Social Justice" has become Germany's New State Religion (and therefore, that of Europe's)

... it even has all of the ingredients:

1) Irrational adherence to an impossible standard 

(rectifying "historical-injustice")

2) The presence of a scapegoat 

(The White Male)

3) Elevation of certain (((
chosen))) people, over all others 

(The "Oppression hierarchy" of Females, 

non-whites and Homosexuals - or any combination therein)

4) Blasphemy laws 

("Hate-speech" statutes, and the punishment which comes with them)

5) Original Sin 

("White-Privilege" Mythology)

6) Self-hatred and loathing, in the face of such an impossibly high standard 

(Liberal white-guilt)

7) A Priestly class 

(Feminists, homosexuals, and transgendered-eunuchs)

8) Cult-like insistence upon Conformity

(At the risk of social ostracism, means of livelihood, and even personal safety)

and finally:

9) Justifications for and acts of Violence, in order to enforce the paradigm 

(Antifa, Islam, and "Black Lives Matter.")


Luckily for us, we live in America.  And in America, 

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

Unless, of course, they're teaching your children Social Justice in the Public School:

New Canadian Laws Ontario Enables Gov’t to Seize Children from Parents Opposing Gender Transition


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We are working to create a community free of censorship and thought-crime in which to openly dissent

If you are ready to get involved and would like to tell us how you can participate, message us here:


Would you rather live in a White country, or a Non-white country?

If you answered "a White country," then chances are you're a White-Nationalist; not a civic-nationalist, which is based-upon the proposition that everybody can achieve the heights of progress, sophistication and cultural-success of white countries.. Because if everybody was capable of this, they probably would have done so, already - and then we'd be the ones beating-down their doors, for an open-immigration policy.


So, that leaves us with a "problem" similar to the ones our forefathers faced.  Up until 1965, White-immigration into these United States was the norm.  In case you haven't noticed, everything has pretty-much gone to shit, since L.B.J. thought it would be a good idea to sell-out the birthright of his constituency.

Tell me - how has black crime fared, since the end of segregation?  Were there widespread ghettos, when that horrible symbol of black oppression - the segregated Toilet - was in-effect?

Were muslims trying their damndest to destroy our civilization, by flying planes into it and trying to implement Shariah Law - ostensibly, in order to get away with raping our women with impunity, like they're doing in more "progressive" countries like Sweden, Germany and France? (more about that, on "The iSlamic-Invasion" Page...)

I don't know; I really don't.  The JewTube has been telling me that iSlam is a religion of peace!  That's why (roughly) 20% of its adherents believe that "violence is an acceptable way to effect political change," or (even moreso, actually) to "punish those who give offense to islam..."

Since when was "immigration" about allowing ourselves to become OCCUPIED by the adherents of foreign, dangerous and incompatible-ideologies?

Please See Below.

"Immigration" = Occupation

  Let a female explain; and then maybe your anti-white prejudice will be stilled by her Beauty:


Ask your Children.

About You:

Hi!  Are you tired of being accused of "privilege," when the first time you've ever even heard of the concept was probably from somebody who was just trying to make you feel guilty for being White?

In case you were wondering, there is a strategy behind this: see, after years of race-baiting, reparations-prepping and civilization-exploiting, nonwhites have figured-out that merely by leveling accusations of racism at you, they can then extract resources from your wallet.  It's that simple!  "White-guilt" is nothing more than a psychological-tactic designed to redistribute resources from you, to them; and for what?  For being BORN?  ... not anymore, Hombre.

We're tired of apologizing for who we are, what we are, and (yes) how we were born.  The obstacles currently confronting the conception, rearing and procreation of a White child are formidable enough, as it is; and make no mistake about it: this is by design:

Abortion; Ethnomasochism; Gender-dysphoria (gone inexplicably-mainstream); Emasculation; Miscegenation; PUBERTY-BLOCKERS! (Don't even get me started...); Displacement/Forced-integration (precipitating gang-violence, nonwhite Hate-crimes, European Migrant-Crises, etc.); Feminism (hijacked by Marxists, in order to pit White Women against their men - and not to mention, their crucial role as the mothers of said Children... Hmm)

The powers that be know that once we're out of the picture, they'll be free to exploit the third-world (and its peripherals) to their fullest possible extent.  It is only by preservation of the White Race - and its Civilization - that Humanity as a whole may still stand to benefit from the Liberalism that we, ultimately, invented!

Without us, there IS no "Democracy."  There is no suffrage, and there certainly isn't individual-autonomy and Universal National-Sovereignty...  In-short, if you want to get rid of White People, you're going to have to kill the institutions which have made us stewards of the unprecedented prosperity which we have enjoyed... and, which is precisely what is happening.  It's called White-Genocide, and not only is it real, but it's not without historical-precedent, either; more on that, as you peruse the pages.

Do with your "civilizations," as you will; it's time for non-Whites, to be prohibited from hijacking our own.  White People deserve a place to call "Home," as much as any other race on this planet.  And if you're so interested in preserving "Diversity," then perhaps you should take a look at what phenotypic-impacts miscegenation really has on those irreplaceable traits, which make us the unique, inimitable, and frankly most-diverse race on Earth.

The Turing-Test:

See if you can tell, whether or not you're supposed to agree with this person:

Reactionary White-Nationalism:

For those of you who are still on the fence about White-Nationalism, what you may not realize is that soon-enough you're not going to have a choice anymore.

Non-Whites are STILL going to pursue those causes and policies which advance their own ethnic-interests, no matter how much you wave their little "tolerance" flags around; and in-fact, all you're doing is signalling that it's O.K. for this to happen at your expense.

There is no State that better encapsulates this more overtly, than California:

Anti-Trump Political Intimidation:

(Read: "anti white...")

We all know how much the left just loves to talk about "peaceful-demonstration..." but what happens when non-whites are confronted with a political-message that doesn't specifically pander to them??

Just imagine if this level of voter-intimidation and violence had been perpetrated against supporters of Obama... especially considering how much the Jewish-Owned Media fixates upon real or imagined incidences of "right-wing violence."

This is why we must resist; we have no choice, anymore.

B.olshevik L.ies M.ovement, BALTIMORE:

Wouldn't it be nice to live in a city where THIS isn't "par for the course?.."

We need to stop lying to ourselves.  White Conservatives do not commit this level of violence.  If they did, we'd know about it - especially given the degree to which the leftist media tries to fixate on "right-wing violence," in order to distract us from, and cover-up, the violence committed by non-whites against their ideological opponents;

which, at this point, is basically anybody who opposes theft through taxation:

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