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Hey, thanks for making it to the end!

Feel free to provide us with your feedback, and there's a chance your message could endup-here.  All names have been revised for security-purposes, but permission will always be sought before posting viewer-correspondence.

Here's what some of our viewers are saying:

Mike says:

"My number one concern is that white people will not wake up from their brain washing programming and that we will be ethnically cleansed. I think this is by design because we stand in the way of the the new world order and white people resist globalism, border destruction, and nationalism etc. I would love to see bumper stickers that say, "If you hate me for being white, then YOU are a racist."

Agreed, Mike!  Thanks for your feedback.  Due to your suggestion, we're currently working on a viewer-supported White Resistance store, with both original and viewer-suggested content being featured for your consumption.  All suggestions forwarded by viewers will be eligible for profit-sharing, through our interface.

Thanks for reaching-out to us.

Rusty Says:

"Although i am white and realize that genocide is the plan,it is only us that can save humanity,if we fail,it would only leave Russia as the last white christian nation left,that's ok with me,but i was born here in the US and like any animal cornered and threaten with death,will be nothing but teeth and claws,also i'm human first,so the skin color doesn't mean much to me,but white death is a totally different monster threatening the world's people,we cannot allow our brothers and sisters abroad to peril"

You hit the "nail on the head," Rusty!  Whether or not you consider yourself a "White Nationalist," or anything of that ilk, the fact remains: if you are a White American, any genocidal/cultural campaign against "Whites" will invariably affect you, as an individual.  Everybody else has a right to preserve their culture... Why shouldn't we?

VERN says:

Q) What is your number-one concern, as a White Citizen?

A) "... it feels like this is far gone,the only way is through breeding in which it seems the women would care far less most being of the liberal mindset , most only care about pop culture . plus it`s hard to see through all the propaganda put out against white people"

Support from the Japanese Community:

Not all supporters of our cause are white; in-fact, if there is any prevailing cultural-norm which conforms more precisely to our traditional-values, it's probably the Asiatic-Tradition.  Here's a message from one of our Japanese-supporters:

"I dont know why Im ganna send this message now. Im not a white but a asian(Japanese). and cant speak English so much. If I make someone uncomfortable, Im really sorry. I had a swedish friend but he was breken. I think always He fought alone. I dont know what I want to say, I just maybe I dont want you guys give up. what it happend in europe, also happen in Japan. good luck"

California isn't lost, afterall!

Here is a very spirited piece of correspondence we just received recently - and it is brimming with the type of attitude, frustration, and lack of resignation that is the hallmark of White Americans who are "Mad as hell and not going to take it, anymore!"  Here is what she says:

"My number one concern is that as white people we are not standing up and strong and together in support or one another and for ourselves. And I do not mean taking to reciprocate the intense and horrifying violence being wrought upon so many white people with equal violence. For the longest time I believed that it comes down to education but as has been proven in South Africa, the black race just does not want to be educated in any way, shape or form. They are not interested in live and let live or peace. And the current regime’s vendetta is not just to drive whites out of South Africa but to persecute them until every man, woman and child has been slaughtered. This must not be allowed to happen. Why is the world, especially the United States not helping the White South Africans to relocate out of the country that the US funded into anarchy? The whole issue highlighted in the media is a front to cover over their hate of one another though they come together to an extent in their hate for those who have white skins. And so many of them can barely read or write in any of the languages they speak. As a white person I am DONE with apologizing for being a white person. I am done apologizing for the skin color I chose to be born in. I like being a white person and having the level of intelligence and compassion and empathy that I have. As much as I am not a supporter of violence let me be clear - if the black people or any person of any ethnicity threaten my children or grand children or friends or family, I will have no hesitation to stepping up and leading a resistance so fierce that they will wish they were never born. I will defend my own with whatever it takes and with whatever I have. There was a time in history at one point or another that every ethnicity on this planet wrought incredible violence on others including their own color people and we all have a collective responsibility for this planet’s widespread violence. However in a world that is so-called civilized violence should not have to be the answer or the response. The state of affairs that is boiling up and over in this world today is not a new state of affairs- history is repeating itself. I will stop here - Thank you for the opportunity to vent. Blessings to all."

Blessings to you too, Ms. California!  And thanks for being a part of the solution.  We're glad we were here, to show you you're not alone.

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