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American Renaissance

"Race Differences in Intelligence"

- The first video to be placed into the (now infamous) "youtube limited state," by goolag's own Mossad operatives:

Black Pigeon Speaks


- Another piece of content recently relegated to JewTube's 'alphabet-soup' of memory holes:

We have no idea why this video was "black-listed" by JewTube - apparently, because it presents a positive message to Europeans, opposes non-White invasion into the lands of our ancestors (and only home we have left) and rejects the false-narrative of hopelessness constantly being wrought upon the sovereignties of our forefathers. 

Apparently, this is what passes for "hate speech," Today.

Black Pigeon Speaks

"MIGRANT "SEXUAL EMERGENCIES" - Plaguing the Swimming Pools of Europe"

ANOTHER video by one of our favorites, Black Pigeon Speaks - this time, covering the instances of rape and sexual-brutality occurring all across Europe, almost exclusively at the hands of (so-called) "Migrants"


And so naturally, covered-up by the mainstream press (and government officials) under the colorful euphemism of "Sexual Emergencies."

This has got to be some kind of fucking Record...

Black Pigeon, again...

THIS time, it looks like he was banished for suggestion that our positive foundational-myth in the west has been supplanted by an irredeemably negative one.

I guess it's only o.k. to say the 'n-word' (Nazi) when your intent is to irrationally increase the white-guilt, rather than try and put it into an historical-perspective;

... and they wonder why we insist upon calling it "JewTube," around here.  Huh?

Know of any OTHER Videos that have been blackballed as well?

GREAT! Let us Know.