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 We live in a world of people.  People who have group-identity.  Everybody recognizes this, even when they pretend not to.  And we can either embrace our group-identity, or resent it; there is nothing inbetween.

I understand your hesitation; we are a fiercely-independent, almost religiously-individualistic people.  We eschew collectivism.  We are loyal to the point of fanaticism, brilliant to the point of obsession, and ultimately charitable to the point of insanity.

And that is part of the Problem.

  They make fun of us for wanting to preserve the environment; for concerning ourselves with whether or not the coffee-beans in our Soy Lattes are “organic,” and locally-sourced.  These are called first world problems for a reason: we invented them.

 We invented them because we ran-out of other things to do!  And if this condition preceded the age of conquest (and subsequent-Colonialism), then there's no possible way that it could have come at the expense of anybody else; even though the cultural-Marxists are constantly insisting that it must.

  Not only that, but such trivial concerns are the mark of any successful civilization.  In-fact, we got so good at perfecting the art of survival (and thus, its subsequent abundance) that we decided to spread it all around the world!  And that's where all the trouble started...   

 See, most White people have been brow-beaten, shamed, and even physically coerced into playing this game of pretending like group-identity doesn't matter; because, unlike literally every other race on the planet, we were the first (and possibly, only) to undergo a little something called the Enlightenment period.   

This was the age of reason - the dawn of egalitarian individualism (although Antifa would have you believe its glory can be reduced-down to nothing more than an age of banal imperialism and conquest...)  The birth of Protestantism, and yet also the harbinger of innovations in both culture and technology that would steer the course of the world in an entirely new direction from anything previously seen by Humanity, at-large.  In fact, this period is still guiding the development of Human Civilization across the globe, and it is our contention that these egalitarian principles have been gradually hijacked since their inception, and are now being systematically used against the very people whose ancestors created them.

For-instance - have you ever noticed how at the same time as whites are being gradually and increasingly told to abandon our in-group identity, everybody else is simultaneously being encouraged to embrace theirs – and, often enough, to do so in direct-opposition to ours?   

 This, even as we are simultaneously being harried and harangued into thinking that our group doesn't even exist!  Well, it's pretty hard to defend something that isn't there, isn't it?  And that's exactly the position our civilizational-opponents want us to be in.


 Much of this stems from the new mythology of the twentieth-century.  A mythology that was used to supplant what existed before, which was an abiding belief in our own divinity and purpose (as well as a recognition of our inherent flaws). 

 Christianity, for-instance, previously acted as a sublimation for our in-group preference, for it represented a set of ideas rather than abject racial coherence.   

 However, intellectuals such as those managing this website spent a great deal of time slaying that dragon, realizing that the inherent irrationality of faith was both tyrannical and illiberal in its application.  

What we did not count on was the persistence of the mind of the masses in requiring a religious-order to cling to at all times, and what rushed-in to fill the void is the enormously perverted “Social-Justice” dogma of the left. 

 Under this new dogmatic system the Government is God, protector of all equality; Feminists are the new high-priest(esse)s, demanding ever-further concessions and 'tributes' from their disobedient flock; trans-sexuals and gays are the 'celibate' nuns, who sacrifice their fertility to martyr the cause; and, most strikingly, being born a White Male is (arguably) the latest-incarnation of Original Sin. 

 By the way… notice how religions always start by attacking our Sexuality?  Yeah – that's no coincidence. 

 Sexuality is the basis of life – it is a tangible representation of our continuation as a people.  As religions of the past have claimed these essential biological-functions as their mechanism for control, the new “egalitarian” movement has seized them as a basis for persecution and extermination. 

 It's not an accident that white males everywhere are cutting their own dicks off.  Do you see this programme of extermination being directed at any non-white cultures, by any chance?  The Japanese, for instance (not that they need any help in perversions of sexuality); the Middle-Easterners?  The Chinese?  Various African tribes? 

 No, you do not.  And this, too, is by-design also. 

 What's different about the Dogma of Social Justice, however, is that instead of redemption providing the light at the end of this dark and dreary tunnel we call the 'scope' of our mythological-experience, the only way to atone for the “sins of the [founding] father” nowadays is to literally celebrate the advent of one's own destruction.  Enter White-Genocide. 

 What we need to understand is that a certain percentage of the population is always going to not only be capable of accepting two contradictory beliefs at the same time, but as we've been seeing recently, insisting upon them as well. 

 Take the “minimum wage debate,” for instance.  At the same time as leftists claim that raising the minimum wage will somehow address the issue of poverty and “fairness,” what they're not telling you (probably because they're too stupid to even realize this) is that implementing an increase in the minimum wage, in the presence of a pre-existing progressive income-tax, not only negates any nominal-increases to the gross-income of a worker, but only succeeds in enriching the government!

 How can raising the minimum wage make any tangible difference, when the more you earn, the more you're charged for taxes?  It doesn't make any sense.  And where are these taxes of ours going-toward, anyway?  The same foreign, no-win wars that the left pretends to vitriolically oppose.  Consistency, anyone?..

 So, in-short, we are resisting this idea that racism is only bad when white people are doing it.  That colonialism is only bad when white people are doing it.  That group-identity and in-group preference are only bad when white people are doing it.  And MOST OF ALL: that we owe anybody anything, merely by virtue of existing as white people; especially when those demands are placed-upon us from the moment of our birth, as if to impose yet another twisted perversion of universal Social-Contract (a concept we invented, lest we forget).

 If that is to be our new Social-Contract – to service every other race, at the expense of ourselves – then we're opting-out.


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