White Genocide Diaries?

The Turner Diaries, Race War, Weaponry

... are coming TRUE.

LINK to full-novel, contained via above-image.

EVIDENCE for its uncanny "white-supremacist propaganda" accuracy are not-only contained on virtually every page of this website, but specifically "The iSlamic-Invasion," and THESE articles - chronicling South-African GENOCIDAL-efforts, against White civilians:

"The situation in white South Africa,"


"White Genocide IMMINENT."

Oh, and in-case you stubborn Ostriches needed any FURTHER-convincing?..  Guess who made the number-one spot on a list of the MOST rape-affected countries!  See for yourselves:

"Top 10 Countries with MAXIMUM Rape Crimes..."

Hey!  At-least they're willing to admit that the SWEDISH-rapists are overwhelmingly non-white!!!  See?  We're making "Progress..."

Here's what's going-down

An average of one farm-attack per day is occurring across the greater farmlands of South Africa - but only against their White Population.

Routinely mis-characterized as "burglaries gone wrong" (in which the black African attackers seek to seize weapons and other valuables), we are presented time of time again with scenes reminiscent of Slaughterhouse V - only in these cases, not even children are off-limits.

The violence often turns sexual, and - well - I won't fill-in all the details here...

They've tried this before


It's the Current Year!

So here's something you can actually do about this:

Visit their "Go Fund Me" page, HERE.

... if you had the opportunity to watch our first RedIce video, headlining the "HEADQUARTERS" home-page here, then you've probably already seen some of the evidence suggesting this nonwhite-uprising against our people - even though we're still paying affirmative-action there, for them to kill us! I'm gonna leave this as the donation-link, for this particular page; they're in dire-need:

This battle is being waged on all fronts

Apparently, YouTube approves of the message that whites born in South Africa are "not real Africans:"

Our minority-issue

(Since we do represent the racial-minority of the world, as white people)

- Sometimes, we're too smart for our own good.

And too compassionate, for our own self-interest.

And too self-critical, to recognize our virtues.

And most of all: too guilt-ridden, to appreciate the accomplishments of our ancestors.

But I'll let this Professor or Psychology explain how deep it really goes: