White Genocide Diaries?

... are coming TRUE.

The Turner Diaries, Race War, Weaponry

LINK to full-novel, contained via above-image.

EVIDENCE for its uncanny "white-supremacist propaganda" accuracy are not-only contained on virtually every page of this website, but specifically "The iSlamic-Invasion," and THESE articles - chronicling South-African GENOCIDAL-efforts, against White civilians:

"The situation in white South Africa,"


"White Genocide IMMINENT."

Oh, and in-case you stubborn Ostriches needed any FURTHER-convincing?..  Guess who made the number-one spot on a list of the MOST rape-affected countries!  See for yourselves:

"Top 10 Countries with MAXIMUM Rape Crimes..."

Hey!  At-least they're willing to admit that the SWEDISH-rapists are overwhelmingly non-white!!!  See?  We're making "Progress..."

Here's what's going-down

An average of one farm-attack per day is occurring across the greater farmlands of South Africa - but only against their White Population.

Routinely mis-characterized as "burglaries gone wrong" (in which the black African attackers seek to seize weapons and other valuables), we are presented time of time again with scenes reminiscent of Slaughterhouse V - only in these cases, not even children are off-limits.

The violence often turns sexual, and - well - I won't fill-in all the details here...

They've tried this before

In Zimbabwe.

It didn't workout so well - for anybody.

Turns-out, when you rape/torture/murder the only people who are producing anything, well - they tend to stop.

Now, Robert Mugabe - then President of Zimbabwe, who forced them out back in 2000 - is virtually begging white farmers to come back - and feed them.

In fact (and I quote) "black beneficiaries [who choose to stay and work the land] are expected to start paying a small rental fee per acre that will be used in part to compensate the more than 4,000 evicted white farmers."

Talk about Reparations!

Get Involved


It's the Current Year!

So here's something you can actually do about this:

Visit their "Go Fund Me" page, HERE.

... if you had the opportunity to watch our first RedIce video, headlining the "HEADQUARTERS" home-page here, then you've probably already seen some of the evidence suggesting this nonwhite-uprising against our people - even though we're still paying affirmative-action there, for them to kill us! I'm gonna leave this as the donation-link, for this particular page; they're in dire-need:

This battle is being waged on all fronts

Apparently, YouTube approves of the message that whites born in South Africa are "not real Africans:"

Our minority-issue

(Since we do represent the racial-minority of the world, as white people)

- Sometimes, we're too smart for our own good.

And too compassionate, for our own self-interest.

And too self-critical, to recognize our virtues.

And most of all: too guilt-ridden, to appreciate the accomplishments of our ancestors.

But I'll let this Professor or Psychology explain how deep it really goes: