Fine - DON'T believe us!

That's right - don't take OUR word for it:

Take it from a Black man! You deluded hippies, who don't even realize how racist it actually is, for you to be more inclined to give credence to the words of somebody, based on the color of their skin; even if that color is "anything but white." You're the most racist-assholes out there!

But, I'm not really interested in getting to you. This is a segment I've been very excited about, as it will contain a variety of insightful, thoughtful, and even humorous content from our Nationalist-Brothers, on the other side.

These are black folks who've woken-up to the problems facing their own community, and as much as I'd like to believe they're in the majority... my experience (and extended-observation) informs me that, they're probably not. But that's ok; because here at The White Resistance, we aren't interested in taking the rule; we're interested in taking the Exception! Because we're exceptional (obviously).  

So, without further-ado, enjoy "hearing it" from "those people:" I mean, THESE people...

These ones, HERE

"Black Nationalists" speak:

Whoops!  They were about to, we swear!

It looks like JewTube got to them, first...

卐Adolf Hitler was a GREAT MAN卍

Talk-about (((These People,))) huh? 


I'm just going to add one little piece of my own take, on Pastore Ray Hagins' statement, above.  He stated: "When you control literature, you control what people think."

That is indeed true, and beyond-reproach; which is why we are re-taking that control, in the interest of integrity; where it belongs.

I would just like to include a comment, perhaps updated for the post-modernist situation that we've found ourselves in currently, as a warning:

When they can auto-correct your language, then they can auto-correct your thoughts; and once they can auto-correct your thoughts, then they can "auto-correct" your Behavior...

(Worth thinking about)

"White Privilege Doesn't Exist."


Africa basically SUCKS:

Sorry, the character-limitations of the headline wouldn't permit me to include the full title of this video, which is "Africans Have Never Built a Major Enduring City in 3,000 Years;" and, for a more editorialized description: "The white man wasn't there to stop you, that whole time; so, who's responsible really?"  This man's WOKE!

"Affirmative Action:" BUSTED!!

Alright, alright; I know I've put you guys through a lot of shit, over those last three videos.  Here's a more uplifting-video, for our Brothers on the Black-side: an overview, by none-other than the esteemed Derryck Green (Leader of Project-21, and full-faculty member at Prager University) of why, exactly, making excuses for nonwhites (in this case, specifically blacks) for their consistent under-achievement actually perpetuates, condones, and deceptively constitutes Legitimate Racism.

Feminism has LOST:

It got a head-start in the (formerly) disenfrachnized black-america; just another governmental-experiment, called: "The GREAT-SOCIETY, Act."

And my-oh-my; was it an act:

Racial differences EXIST!

Destory her, ABL!  It seems like the only time race "exists" for them, is when it's to their benefit - perhaps, in the form of affirmative-action or any number of other, Special BLACK-Privileges; but as soon as we bring up racial-differences in any scientific Context, suddenly they're back at reducing them down to "a Social-Construct..."  Whatever the hell THAT means!..  But I'll allow you to unleash that Death-Star of yours on this insufferable race-baiting Troll, Anthony.  Chaaaarge!

A quick-note about the Man featured-above:

This gentleman, as you can probably tell from watching his video, is extremely-educated.  I have spoken with him on his YouTube radio-show on several-occasions, and we've yet to have a serious disagreement on any subject.  I highly suggest you checkout his channel, which I hyperlinked in the description above, but for your convenience: here it is again.  Live-broadcasts often include open call-in segments, so have a listen and don't be shy; Anthony is always interested in hearing what you have to say.  Even from me.

It's only "Racist," if you're:

a Conservative...  That's-right, our boy A.B.L. (The ABL-Squad!) is back, to break-down another vicious attack by the "left" (read: proto-Brownshirts); only this-time, against a woman of color.  It's O.K.!  She's only a "Conservative..."  (Incidentally, homeless-Too.)  DISGUSTING

Muhammad-Ali: Anti-Interracial

Hey: he just wants to preserve-diversity.  Don't be so Homo(geneous)-phobic, you miscegenation-happy Hipsters!  ... do you see what we're getting-at here yet, folks?  Ah, well; that's ok: TAKE IT FROM A BLACK MAN!

Thomas "Sexist" Sowell

Look, ladies; this "wage-gap" myth has been going-around since the 70's; and it's been decimated, time and time again, by brilliant men like this.  Can you just shutup about it, already?  Whoops, I forgot: "You can't silence a woman's voice!"  You're WRONG!  I can.  That's what the duct-tape - I mean, LOGIC - is for:

Or, take it from a black Woman

... the real reason they're not sticking-up for the victims of muslim-violence/oppression, is because most of the perpetrators are brown; but, more on that later.  For now; take it from a Black woman:

See, folks? We CAN Overcome... Together.

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