The Conservative Censorship Conspiracy Chronicle


(If that isn't Alliteration, I don't know WHAT is...)

Yes - it IS a "Conspiracy," afterall!  Though, not of the type you're USUALLY getting dismissed out-of-hand (and, the Room) with...  These ones are real, and they're being targeted at - you guessed it - the ones who're supposedly enjoying all of the "privilege" and "advantages" in life; in other words: US.

"HELP! I'm being Oppressed!!!"

We hear this time and time again - that the "White Male Patriarchy" is all-dominating, all-encompassing, all-engrossing, and - according to Anita Sarkeesain - "... you have to point it all out."

Accordingly, such (non-existent) "Patriarchy" would undoubtedly be associated with the content regularly published by this very Website!

However, I'm starting to doubt the all-encompassing part; afterall, were that true, then you probably wouldn't be facing 15-years of Jailtime, simply for viewing it here!

I guess it's just the WAY of the WORLD, now...

He he he - Pun TOTALLY intended.

But in all seriousness - if you're a POPULAR conservative YouTuber (... should replace that 'you' with 'Jew,' based-upon these recent developments...), and people are actually viewing your content, not only are you at-risk for being

A) De-monetized

B) Having your account suspended

C) Seeing your videos (or not, rather) being placed into a LIMITED STATE (which we have an archive of HERE) but in addition to all that, you can now expect your EXISTING VIEW COUNT to drop:

It's not Paranoia, when they really ARE out to get you(tube)

The Jews are LITERALLY taking-over the Internet

... if by "The Jews," we mean those who're working for the ADL; and if by "The Internet," we mean the most popular search-engine and social-media corporations - to include:

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter.


Do you not see what is happening here, guys?  You're completely setting yourselves-up for an extreme Right-Wing backlash; and not of the insipid type described below, with-regard to "insensitive posts" and "hurting others' feelings..."