London Calling... YOU a Racist!

Ahh, London; the Bourgeois capital of Europe.  They've got a Muslim mayor of color, a Prime Minister who's a woman, and they're even policing hate-speech on facebook, twitter and youtube!

A multi-cultural paradise if there ever was one.

Now let's take a look inside, and see what this utopia can teach us about the values of diversity and tolerance.

New Year's RAPE Massacre, 2016

... and the feminism that made it possible:

Talk about foreign AIDS!

Taharrush! Islamic "rape-game"

... prepare to be "Culturally-Enriched..."  At the expense of your vagina:


YEAH, this one's sick; we're talking MURDER, TORTURE, RAPE and - yes - CANNIBALISM of Native Briton Girls, at the hands of a Jordanian Kebab-owner's shop...

I swear to God, we couldn't make this shit up, even if we wanted to (which we don't.)

... STILL think it's a fantastic idea to take in all those refugees from dissimilar parts of the world, like Hillary Clinton wanted us to? Still believe it's "racist" just to say no to pedophilia?

Well, I'd sure as hell be "racist" than endup as Kabob-meat...

This is nothing new - the Muslims have struck before

Here is what they did to a 

Russian Schoolhouse

in late-2004

(warning: graphic-imagery)

The RAPE of Sweden:

This problem isn't going away.

... it's only getting WORSE:

Full-article, linked; WARNING: Graphic, multi-cultural "enrichment" content, Documented.

Feminism is Islamophobic

One Year-in; DOUBLING-DOWN, already?..  Is it just me, or are Sweden and Germany in a "race," to see who can hit the lower-limit of "rape-culture Tolerancy?"  ... Seriously?

Refugee welcome - into my anus

Swedish Mother Welcomes "refugee,"

Who PROMPTLY assaults her own daughter.

[Disturbing article linked directly via image]

Oh, but not to worry!

The Swedish-Government is hot on the trail... that's right.  While your young women and children are being attacked at railway-stations, brutalized for not wearing the Hijab, and literally getting RAPED-TO-DEATH inside migrant-centers, the PROSECUTION is well-underway!  That is, against a man who had the audacity to... you guessed-it: DARE TO CONSUME THE PRODUCT KNOWN AS "BACON," IN-FRONT OF A GROUP OF VEILED MUSLIM WOMEN...  Meanwhile, HALAAL-meat is being force-fed to the native-populations...

This is what they do in THEIR countries


Muslim exonerated in Sweden, after RAPING A DISABLED CHILD

Islam is a religion of genocide - not "peace"

Yeah - it's getting Serious...


I completely understand; WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING-ON, right?  Why in the world, would these European-Countries (and if Hi(t)llary had been elected, then U.S. too) voluntarily commit what seems to be a campaign of MASS-GENOCIDE, and EXTINCTION against THEMSELVES???

Well, it doesn't make much sense; until (of course,) you perceive Europe's current-predicament in an HISTORICAL-context, of which few are even aware; and even fewer, are willing to divulge...

But, here at THE WHITE-RESISTANCE, FEAR is not an option; and our entire-platform (clearly) revolves around the pursuit of Truth.  So, if you are brave-enough; and if you can tell those thought-police to shutup for just one Minute (inside your own-head), then I think you'll find the following article not only of intense interest, but also of imminent-import as-well; especially if you are within the boundaries of what I would call an infected-Country (for, as I believe we have demonstrated effectively-above, "Progressivism" is, indeed, a Mental-disorder afterall.  Here's its origin):



Aydin Paladin explains – in a microcosm – what is being done to the psychology of Western-Europe; and why they aren't Resisting: 

WHY this is Happening:

Enter, "Central-Banking."

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