The (((Question))) actually originated with Karl Marx

Don't believe us?  Here is the entire text of his publication on the subject in Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher, printed in 1844 in Germany:

His (((influence))) continues...

The }}}Answer{{{

It is Understandable

From the time most white children are very young, and just learning about history, one of the very first historical-figures we are introduced to on a worldwide scale is Adolf Hitler.

The first time I heard about Adolf Hitler I was seven years old, and walking within the aisles of our local Toys "R" Us store with my Dad.

I had just gotten out of the bathroom to comb my hair.  Even at age 7, I was still obsessed with looking dapper.

Upon my departure, he immediately scolded me and said "YOU CAN'T WEAR YOUR HAIR LIKE THAT!!!"

I said "why?"

He said: "because Hitler wore his hair that way, and he was not a very nice man."

Based upon the way he spoke with such familiarity about this figure, I got the impression that he somehow knew him; like they were intimately acquainted.  It seemed to provoke such shock and horror in his eyes, that I almost felt that at some point he had wanted to like this  Hitler fellow, but was somehow prevented from doing so - and from whence therefore, his rage was ultimately stemming from.

We walked down the aisle further - I was there to pick-out my FIRST Ninja Turtles action figure.

We got to the section, and my father asked me which one I wanted.  I said "LEO!" (of course).

He said "Leo?"

I said "Yes."

He said "Pick another one."

I asked "Why?"

He answered: "Because, 'Leo' was the name of my step-father - and he was not a very nice man, either..."

So in the same day, I had both my favorite haircut (up to that point) stripped of me, in favor of something resembling this 'Hitler look' I was unconsciously going for, as well as my NEW "favorite" Ninja Turtle imposed upon me - because of something my father felt uncomfortable confronting...

For the record, I chose Donatello - and this later influenced my decision to become a fan of the color Purple.

What's important, though, is that at least my father didn't have to be offended about my choices of who, what, and why to like something; as long as it didn't remind him of something Traumatic from the past...

The Pain runs very Deeply

But my experience is unique.

USUALLY, it is in the context of war - especially, worldwide ones - in which we learn about this still controversial historical figure (more than others).

MOST of us are made to feel specifically-guilty, at least in an hypothetical way, about these atrocities.

I can remember one particular "experiment," dating all the way back to second grade, where all the students in the classroom with blue eyes were forced to put their heads on their desk for two minutes, while the rest of us (with green and brown-eyes) were allowed to mock and ridicule them.

The experiment was technically "fair," because we took our respective turn as the 'out-group,' as it were, and put our heads onto our desks for the same amount of time, subsequently.

SUDDENLY, it wasn't so funny anymore.

Their Motivations Matter

Obviously, this was the strategy of a very well-intentioned teacher (as most are, at that age) to teach us the importance of not practicing bigotry - because, at the very next moment, it can come right-back to bite you - and we learned.

BOY, did we...

The Tables have TURNED

ESPECIALLY, when those very same 'out-groups' we were supposed to be learning to treat, turned RIGHT-AROUND somewhere at the beginning of this century, and started using this good-natured, positive and negative-reinforcement against bigotry, against us!

I can remember the first time it happened to me.  I was around ten years old, and full of the propaganda that public school had taught me about race - ironically, in order to supposedly convince me of how much it didn't matter!

Well, it sure mattered to all of those black kids who were moving into my small, Southern Californian town from places like Compton, Inglewood and South-Central - places I had only known (if even in-passing) from the news, because of their ongoing gang-violence.

Now, they were living in my neighborhood!  All because California made the brilliant decision to start putting foreclosed homes into the "H.U.D." program!  For those that aren't familiar, that stood for "Housing (and) Urban Development."

And boy - did it get real urban, real fast.

I made a mistake

This is very painful for me to talk about, but I made a very naive mistake that has haunted me to this day - and for which I will never, ever forgive myself...

Two of these young black children from Inglewood approached my brother and me, while we were playing in the backyard/Field that accompanied our local elementary/grammar school.

We had it all to ourselves, prior to that day - that is, us and the other kids who were native to the neighborhood.

All of the sudden, these two newcomers (or as they'd call them in Scandinavia, "New Swedes") approached us, and the younger black male asked (or rather, demanded) that my brother let him ride his bike.

Now, for any other neighborhood kid we knew at the time, this would not have been such a big deal - afterall, we'd already been growing-up with a somewhat diverse cast of characters, and race had never meant anything before - again, before public school had taught us so desperately to ignore it (similar to the way they're acting with GENDER nowadays, actually).

So, when this strange kid asked my brother, I decided for him that it would be only fair, proper, "tolerant" or whatever of me to extend the exact same courtesy as I would an existing neighborhood kid.

Afterall - to do otherwise would be racist, right?..

I'm not going to get-into detail.. because, frankly I don't know you, and to tell this story might emotionally scar him, since he was probably too young to remember it anyway... but I remember.

Let's just say the situation immediately turned-ugly, and after a short lecture by the older black sister about how "blood is blood, nigga!" etc. etc. etc., I was attacked by the younger black male, and though I handily dispatched him (Karate-lessons PAY-OFF, Kids...), I was taunted as a "Redneck," along with other racial slurs I didn't quite understand at the time - it seemed like he hated me for no reason, even though I had just tried to do something nice for him!

How could this be...

And yet, here we are... AGAIN

What I learned, was that these two were playing by an entirely different set of rules than I was taught to, as a white child.  From then-on, things only got worse.  We experienced constant and unapologetic theft, harassment and other types of infringement that their own parents didn't care about, when confronted by it!

Friends of mine were routinely called "cracker" by some of the other 'newcomers,' who decided to join their other fam from the hood, as they moved-in like a plague.

You know that part in American History X when Danny says "White kids shouldn't have to walk around scared, in their own neighborhoods?"

Yeah - that was my neighborhood.  Fuck VENICE BEACH - that would have been a Paradise.  I was living in Compton, Inglewood and South Central - and they had all come to us; without our consent.

With STATE-consent.

I soon realized something was very wrong here... we were all being taught in school to love and appreciate every other culture (but our own, of course) - and yet, all their little "cultural-representatives" that I began to meet seemed to hate us for it!

Maybe it was because they saw it as some type of weakness - maybe it was because they were raised simply to hate white people!  I could imagine that was the case, by the quick and autonomous reaction that seemed to preempt their viciousness and slurs, but either way I couldn't quite put my finger on it... something was wrong.

Couple this with the "outbreak," as I like to call it, of gangster-rap culture - and its influence on our youth.

I, of course - seeing the immediate result of drug deals and even drive-by's occurring within our neighborhood, as the result of this contrived cultural-enrichment, and so associated with this "style" of "music," was appalled - and refused to have anything to do with it.

I turned my attention to the burgeoning Alternative Rock scene of the time, and with the release of Green Day's "Basket Case" - esp. as a Music Video on MTV, back when they played them - began to study the acoustic guitar, eventually growing into something of a neighborhood prodigy, and becoming accomplished on at-least two other instruments.  BUT, I digress.

My father kept telling me that this was "just a fad, a craze!", and that "it wouldn't last..."

GOD, I'd hoped he was right; but I had a sneaking-suspicion this had become the new identity for black people, as they were taking to it so vociferously, and any suggestions to that effect were immediately met with cries of "racism," and "bigotry!"  Especially when I announced that I didn't like rap music.  Imagine that - being shamed for not "culturally-appropriating" from "another race.  Those were the days...

But in all reality, they weren't.  My family began to go through a divorce shortly thereafter, and with the rise of violent-crime and falling housing prices in our neighborhood, we had no choice but to move-out.

Our house was sold at-auction, for $75,000.00 - a fraction of what my hardworking, business-owning father had paid for it.

I sure hope the state got their money's worth, for all that cultural-enrichment!  And I thank them, for red-pilling me at such a young age.

So, naturally, we come to the question - why is that?  WHY are our (white) children being indoctrinated with these ridiculous rules, and ridiculous burdens of guilt, along with the ridiculous guidelines we are supposed to follow that nobody else has to?

We're getting to that, my friends... very soon, now.

STILL think we're just "Paranoid?"

Conspiracy theory, or Conspiracy FACT:


It turns-out Hitler was right about more than just the symptoms afflicting the Weimar Republic, inbetween the first world-war and (its subsequent, direct-continuity into) our second-devolution into all-out global conflict.

The party originally established to help defend against the spread of Bolshevism into Western-Europe just may have been onto something, when they delved-into the mechanism by which such deceptions are accomplished...

We all remember this little piece of propaganda, from elementary school - don't we?

Propaganda works BOTH WAYS, my friends...

(Pay special attention beginning 18:37)

A Jewish Rabbi explains Mein Kampf

Full-circle, Roundabout

This was the part of that propaganda that justified our little green-eyes, blue-eyes "outgroup" experiment, during second grade.  Quite a time to introduce such a concept to a young child, eh?

Well as we know, they're starting even earlier now - but again, I digress...

Afterall - they were only teach us not to exclude anybody else, right?  That would be mean...

ESPECIALLY on the basis of something as accidental and "unimportant" as mere race - or, in our case, eye-color.

How could you argue with that?

Well, I soon began to realize something - I was being excluded from my own neighborhood, my own backyard, and by the end of the day, my own fucking house!  And I knew that it had a hell of a lot to do with race... just not the way we were being told that it did.

Enter the GOTH...

My mother was a "very Christian" woman - or at least, she claimed to be.

As with many other christian people of my time, this was just a mechanism to disguise their own sins - a form of "virtue-signalling" that I didn't have a name for, at the age - but somebody ELSE did....

His name was Anton LaVey - and he called it "The Good-Guy Badge."

In order to counter-mand this "good-guy virtue-signalling," I began to do the opposite of what I was told - in pretty much every regard.

I began to abuse drugs.  Get into trouble at school.  In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that I was so unusually articulate for my age, I probably would have gotten kicked-out multiple times - but I didn't.

Call it my "white privilege" - or, the fact that a god of some sort was maybe looking-out for me, because perhaps I had some important mission to complete in the future - I don't really know the difference, anymore: because we all do.

But I'm not here to preach to you.  I eventually "found god" (or as I like to call him, "The Holy-Spirit") in my own way, and on my own time.

God came to me, and I was ready - I was also thirty.  It's about time.

Never Betray Yourself

I began to wonder if I was, as a result, technically jewish at that point!  Afterall, for whatever reason, they don't require some intermediary between themselves, and the on-High!

My mentor, as it were - the man who came-up with that "good-guy" badge moniker (which would actually be an even greater way to trigger snowflakes nowadays, since it presumes their gender, and all that) was originally Jewish.  He was also the author of The Satanic Bible.

The first line, of the first chapter, of the first book, of The Satanic Bible is: "It is a GREAT misconception, that the Satanist does not believe in God."

The second line, is: "The concept of "God", as interpreted by man, has been so varied throughout the ages, that the Satanist simply accepts the definition which suits him best."

From the outset, I had a very hard-time accepting, or even understanding, that.  Afterall - the whole point of this thing was to question that which existed outside of evidence, right?

So, why should I go and create something upon the very basis I was opposed to?

I suppose "That's Satanism, for you..."

God came to me!

It wasn't until I actually met God, that I realized this little trick wasn't necessary - or, that I had finally figured it out.  Either one works.

I was on my way out of California, as a grown adult - and, on my way to Seattle...

You know, that place where I would eventually get knocked-out for wearing a Swastika Armband outdoors!  But, more on that later.

Somewhere, up toward the Northerly part of the State, I stopped in a small Motel 6.  I was charmed by the place, really!  It was the first one I had encountered that was only one-story, and spread-out like a little village or something.  It even had a backyard!  It was so quaint, and unassuming - unlike the rest of the State...

Anyway, it was at this Motel 6 - located in YOLO, CA of all places - that I completely broke-down, and had a revelation to end (or rather, Begin) all other revelations.

I won't go-into detail, but the gist was this: I finally realized that the problem wasn't me, afterall!  It had been that shroud of vanity, self-obsession, and (ultimately) hatred that all Southern Californians were saturated with.

I got the distinct-impression that God had simply never been able to see me, before!  I had been covered far too thoroughly - like a blanket of fucking filth, slimy and residual to the last.

OBVIOUSLY, my views on religion and faith (call it "Spirituality") don't conform to those of traditional white mono-theisms - otherwise, how could a (supposedly) omnipresent-creator have such a hard-time finding me?

Demons inside us

I asked the Holy Spirit that very question, and the answer was simply this: "God can only see you on the same level he created you - as a spirit/soul.  AND: it is not until you can see yourself in the same way that God sees you, that you are able to finally see him."

That was basically the essence of it.  And, I finally came to the conclusion that all God WANTS from us, is to be happy.  It's really that simple.

All this other shit that's piled on-top of us?  All that guilt?  All that shame?  All that false-ownership of our livelihoods?  Those are all lies - and they're the work of the real Devil - if there is one...

On that topic, I feel it's important to inform those who have the opportunity to see themselves the way God made them - and still choose to turn-away???

YOU guys are what gives "hell," for lack of a better-term, its substance.  And, I've seen those who've crossed-over to the other other-side with this reprobation still in their hearts when they die - and they're green.  Putrid, stinking green.

If you allow your third-eye to wander freely enough, you will eventually see them, too.  They have protruding yellow-eyes, looking equally as sick and tarnished, which look like dirty old lightbulbs, extending outside of their sockets; except, there is no light emitting from them.  Just a faint, putrid glow - which you will be able to recognize the moment you see them for the first time - even if you've never read this, before.

AND, maybe this was just me - but, they seem to have some fascination with crazy, short wide-brimmed hats?  I don't know, but that's about the only other detail I could pickup.  I haven't seen one in awhile, which is probably a good-thing, but again, I'm digressing here...

The INNER light

Alright, enough with the Demonology.

The point is: if you are being made to feel shame for who you are; if you are being made to feel guilt for who you are; if you are being made to feel anything that is designed to make you a slave to anything other than your own best-interests, then not-only are you being lied to, but (worse than that) literally kept from showing the light which shines-within you...

And that light?  That is the very essence of life.  It is the light that God Himself (if such a thing manifests in accordingly-corporeal form) reacts to, and again: if you can't see that, then you can't see him.

I realize this is a very spiritually-oriented argument, but bear with me - it's never been wrong before.  The crux of this, is that THOSE WHO ARE MAKING YOU TO FEEL THAT WAY, are THOSE WHO'RE TRYING TO ENSLAVE YOU.

There's no other way they could do it, except out of - essentially - fear.

FEAR, that you're gonna lose your job, if you come out - for-instance - as a White-Nationalist, as I did.

FEAR, that you won't have the money to pay your bank-account service fee - as if they fucking owe you something, for lending out your money at a 90% (or higher) fractional-reserve ratio...

FEAR, that we may be crucified for our beliefs?  Well, I know of another historical-figure who took that very path - and the entire course of our history, as Western Civilization, has benefitted marvelously from this stubborn, rebellious Jew's refusal to disavow what he saw inside of himself.

Afterall, he was the first to (successfully) challenge the tyranny of the Pharisees, and being a Jew himself, probably knew what he was talking about.  In other words, if it had been a mere Roman making the accusations against their corrupt-practices that Jesus was (similar to Martin Luther, in his day) then they could've simply chalked-up his passionate criticisms as "Anti-Semitism," and guilted (or bribed) any of his followers into terrified silence!

Kinda like they still do whenever anybody criticizes the new Pharisess (known as Zionists), today.

But the worst source of fear facing us, today - and the one we have to be most on the lookout, for - is ostracism from out own people.

Similar to the way I was taught to feel responsible for crimes that neither I - nor my family - every conceivable committed.

The only problem with this?  The people playing those guilt-trips, aren't always "one of us."

In-fact, most of the time, you can pretty-much count on the assumption that they aren't.  As we were all warned in 1940, they've simply learned how to blend-in to manipulate us sufficiently! (and bribe the rest who won't play-along - again, like the Pharisees)

Unfortunately, this very same propaganda has been used to turn us against eachother, in order to shame us...

To the point that, perhaps prior to hearing this message, you wouldn't dare even entertaining the idea that Hitler - of all people - could've been right about something!

Much-less, that ridiculous-looking propaganda, from the early years of the Second World-War.

Therefore, this message - and its warning - went almost completely unheeded, even to this day.  But perhaps, this is the day that all changes!  Because their campaign against the "rumor" of the camoflauging tactic, as it were, worked a little bit too well.

They've become arrogant enough to believe that it could (finally) work again!  And, through institutions like antifa and organizations like The University System (sorry, did I get those two mixed-up?), they are making sure that our people are now taking detailed "tips" from their trustworthy "peers," on how to genocide themselves! (again.)

Here's some proof:

Let's ask MISES.


(Are YOU 'Anti-Semitic?')