Think we're Exaggerating?

White Genocide Chronicle

This will be an ongoing segment, hence the term chronicle.  It seems to be getting worse by the minute; I can barely keep-up... so, for all of you out there who claim that "White Genocide doesn't exist," or even worse: that it doesn't matter?  To the latter, I warn that the very moment we're out of the way - you know, with all our LIBERAL democracies, freedoms, emancipations etc. - y'all HELPLESS-ASS motherfuckers are NEXT!  (You can't even protect yourselves from EACHOTHER, much-less a globalist wholesale-subjugation agenda promulgated by (((The Establishment...)))

And as for the former?  You can see the evidence here, for yourselves:

Yeah; Pretty FUCKING Disturbing.

... yay, feminism

White Women can't be... WHAT??

I thought we were living in a rampant, unrelenting and omnipresent rape-culture! WOW:

A distinction, without a difference...

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See? We told you so.

Oh, How CUTE! A White Child, being LYNCHED - on M.T.V.

Did you think our persistent black-on-white violence epidemic was limited to post-pubescent children?

Think-again - this time, it's being promoted to the very age-group this Murder - I mean, music-video, features.

Enjoy your "reparations:"

It's Happening at our Schools

Day-in, and Day-out.

Now, the white kids are getting bused to majority-black schools - ostensibly, so they won't get shut-down for lack of achievement.


(if you think white children aren't being targeted, you've got your head up your ass.)

This Struggle Runs Pretty Deep


... if you ever needed a comprehensive-analysis of what exactly is facing us, this would probably be it.

(Jordan B. Peterson, eat your heart-out!..)

Whites aren't allowed to star in School Plays, anymore...

Well, I said "it's happening in our schools," and I wasn't lying to you.

They tried to pull this James Allsup video from his channel, but we've got your back brother.

Here is a recent example of our educational system's continuing anti-white agenda:

Remember when they told us that the 'new' Hermoine was going to be played by a "Woman of Color," and the Crowd went Wild?..

Everybody who even reminded the producers that absolutely no mention of Hermoine being black (in-fact, quite the opposite) was ever made in the books - much-less, the movies (obvioulsy) was branded as a "Racist..."

Well, the Double-Standard doesn't get anymore apparent, then through the example below:

Here's the Media Response when a WHITE character is portrayed by a Black Actor - in stark-contrast to the reaction above.


Or, walk with their dogs to ask a group of - nonwhite-peoples, congregating - to 'keep it down.'  Ironically, it's usually the nonwhites themselves who can't swim; which is why the requirement was stripped from police-forces, looking to fill racial-hiring quotas; but that's another story.  This one's about yet another incident of racial-abuse.

White people can't - eat BACON, Anymore?

... at-least, in the presence of Veiled Muslim Women! That's right - I couldn't make this shit up, even if I WANTED to (which I don't; anti-White regressivism has reached such a point of self-satirical reality, that it's literally not even funny, anymore. Honestly, with shit like this actually happening in the world? I don't know how publications like The Onion can even create material, at this point!) Here's the article mentioned (Breitbart). And the "best" part? They're calling it "assault..."

White people can't sell Burritos, Anymore:

Apparently, cultural appreciation has now become "cultural-appropriation."  (I swear to god, they're doing this to themselves...)  Are nonwhites... at long-last... actually rejecting multi-culturalism, themselves?..  FINALLY!  Segregation will be a much easier sell, so long as they're keeping this level of insanity-up!  Ethno-state, here we come!  Thank you, Portland.

Whites can't walk outside at night, Anymore:

At-least, not if they're women; not if they're BRITISH; and not if they've forgotten to wear their HIJAB, for the evening...

But even though the attackers were LITERALLY shouting "God is Great!" as they repeatedly stabbed this poor girl to death (in their 'dialect,' of-course), don't you DARE blame iSlam for the attack!

Or else, SOMEBODY might accuse you of being a Racist! (Against a religion, Yeah...)

And in Britain THAT'S a "hate-crime."  Just not the stabbing part, apparently.

Because, Tolerance.

"No Whites Day"

I'm officially embarrassed, for this state.  I thought the "black matters," as it were, had finally begun to taper-off a bit; but I guess we're just now seeing the beginning of it: a full-fledged segregationist-movement, spearheaded by - none other than - the Blacks, themselves.  "Evergreen State College," featured:

Seriously - what are these turds going to do, when they've driven the last professor out of their own facility?  How much do you think a college-degree is going to be worth, THEN?  And, are they going to start declaring "safe-spaces" against eachother?  It's truly amazing to see the historical advocates of "multi-culturalism" sequestering themselves from eachother, VOLUNTARILY.  

It's no surprise, given that the democratic party has always been the party of segregation, and after LBJ tricked "them niggers [into] voting Democratic for the next 200-years" (his words, not mine), negroes invariably vote Democrat.  Thus, the negro-majority SUPPORTS Segregation!  Quite vocally, actually.  

Case-in-point: "Cal State LA offers segregated housing for black students."

Can't dispute fact.

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Whites can't even VOTE anymore

This disgusting display of anti-white vitriol speaks for itself:

And if you thought THAT was bad...

Here's a member of the black community's reaction to that elderly, defenseless man getting dragged out of his car and beaten senselessly - all for voting for the "wrong" candidate! (I'm sure the media reaction would have been much different, were the racial roles reversed):

But don't worry - CNN would NEVER fire a black woman for espousing racial-insensitivity!

Still think Democracy works?