White's a color TOO, Damnit...

In-fact, if you take the light-spectrum, for-instance - and you run a beam of high-intensity WHITE LIGHT, through a prism (you know, like the Pink Floyd album cover), then do you know what you get?

You get a goddamned RAINBOW.  That's right; they've hijacked that shit from us - and now they're coming for the letters, too.  LGTB, QRS, TUV - X.  Generation-X...

It's time for Generation-X to make a stand, against the anti-white racial identity-politics that are plaguing so many of our millennial-offspring - even if you don't have any, yourself. (As HITLLARY said, "It takes a village."  WE'RE that village, and we're bringing the pitchforks, too!)

YOU CAN'T HAVE ALL THE LETTERS, QUEERS!  Sorry.  I like W, because this is clearly a White-Power Website; and besides, all of the most inquisitive questions start with the letter 'W:'  Who, what, when, where and WHY!  Which used to be the lifeblood of JOURNALISM - that operation formerly dedicated to the observing and reporting of facts, without spending all of their time re-arranging said facts into a searing persecution of "Everyday Whiteness" - in other words, "Everything's racist..."

However, since they are spending all of their time (and money, too) attempting to rearrange said facts in such a said-way, the only place for the letter "W" nowadays, seems to be in preparation for implementation into the prefix of that inevitable compound phrase, which always ends in the suffix "-Privilege" (you know what I'm talking about).  So, to say the least, I'm really bummed...

But anyway, back onto topic!  As I've mentioned, and has been demonstrated by science (you know - that process Regressives HATE), when you combine all of the colors of the light-spectrum simultaneously, you actually get WHITE; soft, pure, Beautiful - like our Women!

... before the programming.

So, in-conclusion, not only are we "Colored People;" technically, we're the "ALL the colors People," which means that any application, foundation, grant or SCHOLARSHIP designed to benefit "people of color?"  Well, you can now demonstrate that they only apply to us.

Hey... they're the ones who wanted to believe in our "Privilege," right?  Well, now they have it; or I should say, WE!  Thanks-again, Regressives!

It's like I say: "Always give the people what they want; but never what they deserve."  Except for you, but it's only because you're White.

And: You're Welcome.