Tenets of Modern Fascism



Think about it - without having a monopoly on your economic-freedom, there is literally nothing for the would-be Tyrant - or the Bad Actor in Government (it tends to attract them) - to threaten you with.

Especially when you consider your person to be the underpinning of your Economic-Freedom (which it is).

Therefore, it is the Singular Role of the State to protect that Freedom - even from itself.



There have always been the Makers of society, and there will always be the takers.  Why should the takers have any say over what the Makers do with their wealth, resources or achievements?


Even if you believe it’s really the “makers” who somehow exploit the underprivileged working-class of “takers,” as it were, you still endup with a Taker class anyway.  The only difference is that we understand Democracy to be the (current) mechanism by which they Plunder us – while you still view it as the Solution to plunder itself..


No more spending other people's money - unless they give you permission.  The only service a government can offer which is TRULY Universal in its application, is the basic service of protecting you from plunder.  This can be plunder in the form of Wealth (theft and burglary), Health (murder and assault), or even Sex (rape and molestation).

Every other imagined imposition is just a tool used by the Left to make you afraid of your own shadow - and to give-up more of your legitimate Freedoms.



And Here's Why:

 In order for a people to be properly represented by those in power, that power must derive exclusively from (and for) their interests.  This mixed-bag of competing interests we call liberal, multi-cultural Democracy simply cannot stand – for if Democracy represents a series of levers for power over other people (taxation, welfare-statism, immigration, etc.) then all we’ll endup with is a constant stream of conflict, which results in perpetual-gridlock – especially when everybody’s demographic is represented equally.

Under these auspices, nothing can ever get done – and the looming threat of corruption inevitably seeps in, to take-up the task of dictating to us the course of events.  Of course, corrupt parties are only ever in it to serve their own interests, and that is both the “what” and “why” of what we are seeing in Liberal Democracies, all across the globe.

As anybody who’s ever taken a civics class understands, political-corruption is the antithesis of representative-democracy; however, it simultaneously seems to be Democracy’s invariable destination.

Universal suffrage is not a tenable solution.  Equal protection under the law is one thing – equal say over it is quite another.

Not everybody is qualified to vote.  Only those who are in a position to make a contribution to society, should have any business making demands of it.

Therefore, we would like to announce the formation of the American National Socialist Worker’s-Reform party.. otherwise known as the A.N.S.W.R.-party.

We are not here to violently take by-force, those instruments of the current democratic-system.  As indicated above, Democracy – as a flawed system – will be the harbinger of its own demise; just as it was in Nazi Germany, and Italy before it.

Democracy has no choice but to heed to the demands of the masses; even in absentia.  And the more corrupt the political-mechanisms become out of the gridlock spoken of before, the better it is for us.

Whether through the creation of a parallel-society outside the bounds of our current monetary-enslavement (the “FederalReserve Bank), or through direct political-action (what vestiges are left of our current Democratic jalopy), our rise to power is inevitable due to the crumbling nature of our current political-outlook.

Liberalism hath reached an impasse.  Half of the country is at the other halve’s throats, and in all reality, should just get a divorce.  Therefore, we should work with our counterparts on the left in this area of shared-interest, if nothing else.

Let the country fall-apart (in its current form)… there is no reason why one part of the constituency should be angling to impose sanctions or regulations upon another part.  What’s the point?

Endless-conflict, which is precisely what the (((Globalists))) want.

If they can keep us fighting eachother (and this goes for Leftists too), then we’ll be too distracted to see that the very values we hold dear are being used against us.  More on that here:


This is what is meant by Liberalism being at an impasse: for in order for Liberalism to be unreservedly “tolerant,” it must embrace all forms of ideological-dissent as equally valid – even those that seek to undermine it.  This is the reason for Liberalism’s inevitable collapse.

At-present, the two main forces that are seeking to accomplish this are 1) Globalism, and 2) Islam.  The two are working hand-in-hand, and this is no surprise – since Islam openly preaches about the virtues – nay, necessity – of overtaking the world:


It is not “islamophobia” when they really are trying to kill you… and remember: these are their words, not ours.

(See for Yourself.)

In conclusion, Liberalism has no intrinsic defense against such an invasion.  

These ideologies – “democratically” or otherwise – are hell-bent on dismantling your perfect little system of Justice, and will use “Whatever Means Necessary” to achieve this end.  The only other option, besides sitting back and waiting for it to happen (as countries like Sweden are currently doing), is to embrace Fascism as the only viable Nationalistic-alternative to the complete demise of Western-Civilization…

For once Democracy crumbles, there will be no other mechanism with which to represent the will of the people by – and afterall, isn't that the purpose of Democracy, anyway?  If it fails, that means it did a poor job of doing so - and once it's gone, so too will be your ability to rely upon therein.  Thus a "third-way" must be established in the interim, while we still have a chance to salvage what it was that Democracy will eventually destroy.

This is why Fascism is our only viable Solution.  So start getting ready – start reaching-out to others who feel the same way.  The very fact that you feel scared to talk about it, probably means you're onto something.


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