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If you've arrived at our website, you should already be sufficiently un-indoctrinated by now.  And if not?  Then this is the perfect place to start.  Here, you will find the most frequently-updated (and equally-incomprehensible) goings-on within our Great Big White World; with a special-emphasis on the most primo examples of "progressivism" cannibalizing itself - in the spirit of maintaining its inarguably puritanical nature; but more on that later.  For now: here's Your Daily-shit!  Enjoy.

The End of Europe

Italy - the video on our headquarters illustrates the havoc your EXISTING "migrants" are already wreaking, in places like Roma.  Spain JUST HAD two separate terrorist-attacks, within the last month.


Clearly, the political-elitists "representing" these nations have gotten completely away from the people, and no longer represent them.

Thank You, Globalism...

It looks like White Civilization's last stand will be taking-place, in America.

Don't start backing-down now.  They're coming for everything we've built, everything we have, and everything we are.

It's time for Americans to start seriously floating the prospect of opening its doors to European (white) Refugees - kind of like we already USED to, before the immigration reform act of 1965.

Breastfeeding ISN'T "Natural?"


See?  As I've said, many times before: they're just getting bored...

What used to be considered an "empowering" act - especially in public, and especially by feminists - is suddenly being decried as "unnatural," and "unethical to be described as 'natural;'" I'm talking, inexplicably, about BREAST-FEEDING:


Fear over "Islamophobia" IS the newest form of Terrorism; and Poland is saying "Fuck-you, TERRORISTS!":

Feminism's end-game: GENOCIDE.

REGARDLESS of whether you think you support "feminism," women's-suffrage, equal employment-opportunity (quickly-modified to equality of outcome, since women couldn't actually compete with men on their terms), or even the wage-gap myth (covered by Thomas Sowell, under "Take it from a Black Man"): THIS is the end-game of all feminist-"causes."  All Roads lead to EXTERMINATION:

This is some GOOD-News, 4aChan

"Paedophobia's" a THING?..


Big-Brother's TOUCHING ME!

Here is just another attempt in the long line of strategies aimed at breaking-up Western families; and, once again, Big Brother (or should we really be calling her Big Sister at this point?) is behind the curtain. This topic deserves an entire page dedicated to it, and I intend to deliver; for now, here's your daily shit: THE CANADIAN-GOVERNMENT CAN LEGALLY TAKE CHILDREN AWAY FROM THEIR PARENTS, IF SOME FACEBOOK-INSPIRED GENDER-"IDENTITY" EXPRESSED BY THE CHILD ISN'T "RECOGNIZED" BY SAID PARENTS

Here's what happens...

When a European country attempts to stave-off an invasion.  Oops!  I meant "immigration:.."

But Berkeley banning WHITES?

Now that's progressivism!  (But only because they mistook some of them for Asian.)

Oh, yeah; and these "oppressed minority" students?..

They actually madeup the MAJORITY of incoming-fresh(people), 2015 - and we all know affirmative-action probably had something to do with it; especially since they're committed to excluding HIGHER-PERFORMING races, by deducting 50-points from their S.A.T. scores.  Thus, implying that those racial-demographics being targeted by this blockade are non-recipients of any affirmative-action; in-addition to openly pretending that non-White/Asian students are as smart as everybody else, by adding up to 230 points to their scores.

WHAT?  A lowering of standards to entry necessarily accommodates a lowering of outcomes, too?  WHAT a concept...


"Those who fail to learn from their history, are doomed to repeat it; but those who dwell equally-incessantly, are doomed to self-fulfill it." 


... who is Stephen Colbert gonna mock, Now?

Gay BLACK Feminist MALE:

triggered.  AND, "he" has the audacity to blame his homosexuality on being surrounded by the "white devils," who "just changed-costumes and took-over the whole goddamned UNIVERSE!"  Boy, if that were only true; then I could get the fuck off this planet, and go back home.  "I'm Annunaki, BITCH!"

Alt-right RADIO

The Space Race(ism.)

Yep; having depicted the dimorphous-nature of our Species' biological-reproduction mechanism, aboard the Pioneer Spacecraft in 1972 (orchestrated by Carl Sagan, no-less) is suddenly - well - EVERYTHING-ist.

Ahh, Portlandia...

I think the "dream of the nineties" became the dream of 1984, somewhere along the road.

We're NOT all African Afterall

WHOOPS!  "Child Migrants" aren't predominantly children, but rather fighting-age men who're raping and pillaging Sweden with impunity; naturally, the swedish Feminists getting raped by them are outraged by this accusation; Modern-day Egyptians have much-less in common, genetically, with the members of their Ancient Civilization than previously proclaimed; Human Evolution took different routes for Humanoids in Africa, from those who've evolved in Europe; and much, much more.  Black Pigeon Speaks:

Black Lives Matter: in SWEDEN?

Wow; I didn't know, with the influx of nonwhite third-world immigrants from all parts of Africa and the Middle-East, that these "New Swedes" could SUDDENLY be so oppressed!  That was quick.  It makes one wonder why then, exactly, they keep coming in droves... 

"Universal BASIC Income?"

That's really interesting, Zuckerberg - because so far as I've been able to reckon, such a guarantee was part of the reason National Socialist Germany became so Domestically prosperous, prior to World War II...  However, I suspect that the homogeneity of the country - being completely White - probably had something to do with that; just a speculation.  Regardless, perhaps we SHOULD give National Socialism another try, huh?  Interesting... Especially, coming from a Jew.